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Sony has just introduced a new series of devices to improve our experience while we enjoy video games, which is why it has announced the monitor INZONEideal for PS5 titles, although it is also perfectly compatible with our computer.

Among its most outstanding features we find a refresh rate of 144 Hz along with a response time of only 1 ms, which guarantees a greater advantage in shooters, fighting games, racing games and many more that require good reflexes. and be aware of everything that happens on screen.

It is also guaranteed to be able to reproduce any color and contrast very accurately, providing brighter highlights and deeper blacks for better depth perception. In this sense, there will be more light when it is needed, just as the darkness will stand out more when more darkness is necessary. Furthermore, it is able to accept 1.07 billion different colors so that everything we see looks more realistic.

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As for his PS5 exclusive perks, the monitor is able to automatically recognize that it is connected to the console to select the best HDR settings. Likewise, it will automatically switch to game mode when it detects that we have accessed a video game or to cinema mode when we introduce a movie or are watching something via streaming.

Among other details, we find the possibility of easily adjusting the brightness and contrast or activating additional functions, such as an FPS counter, monitoring of elapsed game time or fluidity at which the image moves.

In-zone Monitor

On the other hand, its design draws attention an adjustable tripod stand to provide more space on the desktop, as well as the possibility of modifying its height and inclination so that everyone gets the viewing position they prefer. And of course it will not be by ports, because it has a DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.1 outputs, a USB-C, a USB-B, three USB-A and a 3.5 mm audio jack for those who prefer to use headphones .

In the absence of confirming when exactly it will go on sale, Sony’s INZONE monitor will have two different models which will differ in the following aspects:

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Update frequency





Features with PS5

lighting effects


Pending confirmation


Full HD



1 ms

1 ms

DisplayHDR 600

DisplayHDR 400

HDMI / G-Sync

HDMI / G-Sync

1.07 billion colors

1.07 billion colors





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