the Polish government considers it a very useful educational tool

A couple of years ago around this time, the Polish educational system decided that the video game This War of Mine was going to be part of the reading lists for schools in the country due to the way in which it narrated its events. Now it has been wanted to take an even bigger step after announcing that the 11 bit Studios game can be free download since a website that has enabled the Polish government.

Although it is designed to become a reading that is part of the students’ didactic process, anyone who accesses the web page in question will be able to click on the link that is available and download the title without any problem, in case you have always been curious to give it a try.

Reasons to return to This War of Mine: The Little Ones

Even so, it is indicated that it is intended for students and teachers from Poland who wish to use it in your English, ethics or social studies classes. In addition, it is added that it is prohibited to share, resell, commercially use or post the direct link of the game on file sharing sites. Along with this is an educational booklet, lesson plan and instructions on how to play.

As indicated, the purpose of all this is to portray the harsh realities of war, with a story told through the decisions of the players. Due to its tone and the fidelity with which it deals with the subject, they consider that This War of Mine it is a useful tool for talking with students about these conflicts and the behavior of humanity.

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