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The graphics card is one of the most important parts of the computer skeleton, specifically the computer tower. It is built into the motherboard of the PC, and can also be found with external and independent functionality, and helps to process the data related to the videos and images that are played. But many times the original card that is integrated by default is not enough for different needs, such as video games that need a lot of power. For this reason, it is important to choose a new one that helps the computer to work optimally without being consumed, and to work faster. Thus, graphics cards play a fundamental role in the world of gaming and video editing, offering a more fluid computer experience to each of the users.

ZOTAC graphics card

Perfect card if you want to improve the experience when playing on the PC and get better performance from the computer in general. It is easily installed and improves the performance of all integrated graphics in the PC, speeding up the user experience, thanks to its GeForce RTX 3050 processor. In addition, it has a maximum resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels.

Enhance the audiovisual experience

A great option if you want to bet on an improved audiovisual experience, since it offers a high resolution of photos and videos, as well as processing them quickly.

Vbestlife graphics card

Graphics card that allows express operation of the computer and has a fan, guaranteeing adequate temperatures for the operation and durability of the PC. In addition, it has 64 bits to offer greater performance for both games and multimedia environments. It has a memory capacity of two gigabytes.

High Definition

Improves multimedia performance optimally and with quality standards. It offers graphics developed for a faster and more immersive visual experience.

GIGABYTE graphics card

It has a memory capacity of 1 gigabyte and has a minimalist and light design, weighing only 220 grams. A simple and basic product, without a doubt the perfect option to improve the speed and processing of office data on a day-to-day basis.

fan design

It stands out for its fan that ensures that the graphics card does not overheat and break down. In addition, it consumes little energy and improves the performance and speed of the PC.

MSI Geforce graphics card

Graphics processing unit that offers a maximum digital resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels and an NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 graphics engine to guarantee maximum speed. Its memory capacity is 2 gigabytes, with a 64-bit interface, offering energy savings and a large space capacity, compared to a graphics card that accompanies the PC by default. In addition, it has wireless control support for Android and iOS compatible handheld devices.

works without noise

Provides a comfortable environment for video games and multimedia, thanks to its operation without producing noise since the card works with low temperatures, without heating up, and with greater efficiency.

ASUS Cerberus graphics card

The ASUS Cerberus GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is a high-performance graphics card created to offer more reliability and restless gaming. It is designed to be more reliable and offer a long service life and quality. Thus, it has two fans that prevent high temperatures and excessive noise, and that have dust resistance certification, which ensures optimal ventilation even in extreme working conditions. Its manufacture has been carried out in a way that respects the environment, without using toxic products and reducing energy consumption as much as possible. In addition, it includes a license wtfast for six months, to play online and enjoy artificial intelligence tools for free.

strong and resistant

It is designed with a strong metal plate that makes it a strong graphics card, as well as protecting the components installed on its back. Its manufacture with Auto-Extreme Technology stands out, an automated process with premium and quality materials.

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