how to get to Hidden Palace Zone, the secret level of Sonic 2, and defeat Robotnik

You may know each of Sonic 2’s 11 levels by heart, but that doesn’t mean you’ve gotten the most out of the game: hidden deep within Mystic Cave is the Hidden Palace Zone, a secret level, originally discarded and unreleased on consoles. At least until sonic origins. And in Extra Life We’re going to help you get to him and beat up Eggman.

How to get to Hidden Palace Zone

As we mentioned, to access the Hidden Palace Zone the only requirement is to reach Mustic Cave Zone 2. We can go through all the worlds in the traditional way until we reach it or take a shortcut and do the trick to activate the secret menu. You choose.

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For reference, to access the secret menu, enter the directions Up, Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, and Right (↑,↑,↑, ↓, ↓, ↓, ←, →,←, →) on the Press Start screen before starting the game. If you do it right you will hear a sound. In addition, from the same menu and through the sound test you can activate Super Sonic. At the end of this guide we give you more details.

Once we have started playing Mystic Cave Zone 2 we must advance always keeping ourselves in the lower area of ​​the screen. In the gameplay that we put above you can see the route in a simple way, but the essential thing is to reach a specific point of the level and do not activate a specific switch.

Hidden Palace Zone Mystic Cave

If we keep moving through the lower part of the screen, we’ll come to a kind of drawbridge guarded by a few badnicks in the form of fireflies. It’s easy to recognize because basically the only way to continue is by activating the lever on the roof in one jump. What if we don’t activate it?

As if we were an Assassin, and without activating the leverwe launch ourselves making a leap of faith into the hole in front of the bridge and, after a long fall, we will end up in the secret area of ​​the game: Hidden Palace Zone. One warning: don’t try this trick on older versions of Sonic 2.

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How to get to Robotnik and defeat him in Hidden Palace Zone

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Hidden Palace Zone is a secret level and only one zone which was designed by SEGA itself to be included in Sonic 2however it was discarded before the release of the game in 1992. Decades later, SEGA would complete it and include it for the first time officially in the revision for iOS and Android of the game, being sonic origins the first appearance of it on PC and consoles.

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Hidden Palace Zone It has a bit of all the previous worlds, but aesthetically it doesn’t look like any of them. In fact, there are dinosaur-shaped badniks, water zones, and a handful of traps that play with perspective. All in all, it’s a great little gift for fans of the supersonic hedgehog.

In turn, Hidden Palace Zone is also a labyrinth in which it is easy to get lost or not knowing where to go, although escaping from it is relatively easy to continue to the final boss with a little skill when jumping and breaking the object appropriate.

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At a point in the middle of the screen we will see a replica of a Master Emerald, very similar to the ones that Knuckles protects in sonic 3 We can go past it, but it’s not about decoration, but about the key to continue: if we destroy it with a jump, the spring will appear that will lift us to the area where we can reach the final part of the Hidden Palace Zone.

Robotnik will appear on screen once we reach what looks like some kind of organ with huge pipes carrying a slider matching the theme of the screen that looks like a huge trombone. The trick to beat him is also a classic: Get him to hurt himself first.

Hidden Palace Zone

Fundamentally, Robotnik has two routines in the Hidden Palace Zone:

  • In one of them, it will rain up to four balls with spikes that will end up rising when the water level rises and then explode right after. The idea is to dodge them as they fall and stay away from them until they explode. Easy.
  • The other routine involves the drop of a single much larger ball. This will impact the area in which we are moving, so it is not convenient for us to stay still, and then it will follow us until it explodes, leaving a powerful column of water.

To beat Robotnik we must dodge the balls of any size when falling. Once the big ball is on the ground, jump from side to side so that it remains right under Robotnik so that, when it explodes, the column of water coincides with the trajectory of its slider, causing it to drop to our level and , already put, attack him without hesitation.

Beat the Final Boss of Hidden Palace Zone it is basically repeating this process two or three times, depending on how accurate we are. Once the slider is broken, Robotnik will take those of Villadiego and we can continue with the adventure, appearing in Oil Ocean Zone 2.

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