where to find her and how to solve (or avoid) her puzzle to access her reward

The Elden Ring Midlands hide many secrets. The most prominent ones come in the form of Sorcerer Towers (not to be confused with Holy Towers) spread across the map. They are all protected by a magical seal from Raya Lucaria’s Academy and require solving a riddle to enter.

The Tower of the Converts It is one of these towers, although it has a peculiarity: it is not protected by a great magical seal, but by a much more subtle and creative magic. Next I will tell you how to solve its puzzle or avoid it to get the tower reward.

Converted Tower in Elden Ring: If you’re not the smartest in the room, be the most original

The Tower of the Converts is to the southwest of the Liurnia wetland. This time you do not find a blue magic seal on the door, you can enter freely. Inside you find a statue and x5 Shimmering Stones of the Cuckoo.

Converted Tower Elden Ring 1

The riddle of this tower lies in the impossibility of going up to the upper area to collect the reward. There are two ways:

  • Solve the riddle: Use the Erudite gesture next to the statue in the center of the room to bring up a magical ladder that allows you to climb to the top of the tower.
  • Parkour time!: Get out of the tower and look for the outer wall of the tower, manage to climb it and then jump to the top of the tower.

And how can you get the Erudite emote? You must advance in the quest thread for Sorcerer Thops. Grants you the emote as a reward for your request for a Academy Glowstone Key. Take a look at the dedicated guide of this character to know all the details. This isn’t the only tower you’ll need to use that emote on.

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Upon reaching the top of the tower, your reward is a memory stonean item used to increase mnemonic slots (passive).

A black stone, slightly captivating. Prized by the wizards who create them. They say that it is a fragment of the black moon that hung over the Eternal City.

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