This is how Sarah sounds, member of Constellation

The excitement for Starfield finished taking off after the presentation of a new gameplay at the Xbox & Bethesda Summer Game Fest conference. Since then, Bethesda has shared details here and there. Now it is the turn of the language: Starfield will have texts and voices dubbed into Spanishas we saw in Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76.

Sarah, member of Constellation, first voice in Spanish of Starfield

Bethesda has published a teaser on twitter that shows for the first time what Starfield’s Spanish voices sound like. The video game will arrive fully translated (texts) and dubbed (voices) into our language. The first voice we hear is that of Sarah, a member of the Constellation.

🇪🇸 #Starfield It will have both voices and texts in Spanish.

We leave you with a preview of the voice of Sarah, a member of Constellation. 🚀

— Bethesda Spanish (@bethesda_ESP) June 27, 2022

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The teaser also shows new images of Starfield, as well as some glimpses of the story that awaits us. It is reconfirmed that the mysterious artifacts They will have a very important role in the main story.

This is Constellation. We have a lot to talk. The artifact you have found is one of many, scattered throughout the galaxy. As for what they are, you are now part of the solution to that. Because whatever awaits us in the end will change humanity forever.

Bethesda adds “25 years of history culminating in a new universe”, referring once again to the fact that Starfield builds on the work of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series.

The news that our character does not speak (with a voice) and that we select his words in the dialogues, was a source of controversy… but this has been the case in all installments, with the exception of Fallout 4. Bethesda returned to the classic formula in Fallout 76. And we love it that way!

If you are left wanting more, we remind you that you can take a look (just above) at the gameplay presented during the Summer Game Fest. And if all this is not enough, we discover 11 space games that you can play while you wait for the launch of Starfield.

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