Dragon Ball Super reveals a new Gas technique


The Instant Gas Transmission could turn against him in combat.

Gas Heata is one of the most feared villains in the Dragon Ball world.. This member of the Heata Army is the fourth most dangerous in the saga and is currently the Supreme Warrior of Universe 7 and one of the main antagonists in the Granolah Survivor Arc in Dragon Ball Super.

Just like other Heatas, Gas can unleash his full power after freeing his mind. This transformation causes his muscle mass to grow considerably, his eyes turn white, and he gains imposing fangs. However, not content with having a fury that shows the most dangerous side of him, Gas was turned by the Divine Dragon into a warrior that could fight any life form in the universe, hence he obtained the rank of Supreme Warrior..

But, as far as we’re concerned, Gas can materialize protective energy around him, as well as extend an energy shield that isolates him from attacks. He can also fly and sense fighting power through the use of ki. The warrior has a magical ability that can manipulate matter, in other words, he can create offenses such as sharp blades, axes, or various weapons to attack his opponents. And of course, don’t forget that he can fire a beam of energy that goes through any target.


Gas gave a new meaning to Instant Transmission

For all the above reasons, Gas has earned the title of enemy. However, now Dragon Ball Super has brought another surprise to its audience, showing off a new Instant Transmission technique, which turns Dragon Ball’s teleportation ability into a kind of offensive attack..

For those who don’t know what it is Instant Transmission, this ability was introduced in Dragon Ball Z, while he gave Goku the power to teleport anywhere in the universe just by concentrating on your destination. However, although this ability was surprising to no one, Dragon Ball Super decided to take things further, when he had Vegeta learn the “Spirit Control” technique from Planet Yardrat, a vast knowledge that allowed Vegeta to achieve all kinds of feats, including the aforementioned Instant Transmission.

But now, in the events of Dragon Ball we have an adversary who not only knows the popular Instant Transmission technique, but also gives it another very interesting use that we have never seen in the saga.

While the current arc of Granolah The Survivor is about to give way to its greatest battle (the one that will define the course of the heroes), Goku and Vegeta have an epic battle against Gas, who used the Dragon Balls only to become the mightiest warrior of all. So that, in chapter 85 of Dragon Ball Super, Gas finally puts his received skills to the test against Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation and, of course, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego evolution. But, unsurprisingly, Gas has an ace up his sleeve, which is none other than the offensive Instant Transmission, which, in this case, he can use against both of them.

For one thing, Vegeta’s Ultra Ego allows him to build up power while taking heavy damage in combat and powering up against the enemy in a deadly attack. Seeing as Vegeta has a slight advantage against his enemy, he angers Gas so the warrior decides to use offensive Instant Transmission to defeat the saiyan.

And how do you use it? the answer is quite simple. This ability allows the warrior to deform Vegeta to the extent he needs to defeat him, just by pointing his two fingers.. Of course, this technique leaves the Saiyan vulnerable to a series of hits and combo attacks provided by the evil Gas.


So far we have seen that Instant Transmission in others can be a deadly ability, however it is not the only one that Gas has, which makes it a much more complicated enemy than it was in its past. Of course, the Saiyan is defeated and Goku has to find a way to use his Ultra Instinct to save his partner and gain victory. So part of Goku’s strategy against his enemy involves using Gas’s newfound ability to warp himself so that it’s impossible for him to see the attacks he has planned for him and throw a real blast at him that will blow away everything in his path. surroundings.

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