All the keys you need to know about Minecraft update 1.19


The Wild Update will test your nerves deep underground, among other things.

The expected minecraft update 1.19, the Wild Update, is now available both in the Bedrock version and in Java, and it brings more than interesting news. For example, we can now find a new biome called “Deep Dark” featuring new structures and a powerful enemy guarding the ruins.

This update may not be as groundbreaking and colorful as the previous update, “Caves and Cliffs”, which completely changed the orography of Minecraft worlds, but it is a natural extension of 1.18 that proposes things that would not have been possible before. Apart from other minor newsSure.

Deep Dark, new biome in the depths

Minecraft Deep Dark Biome

Minecraft’s Deep Dark biome contains new blocks called Sculk

Without a doubt, one of the star novelties of this Minecraft Wild Update is the inclusion of the Deep Dark biome or Deep Dark in English. It is a biome that appears only in very deep cave systems and, as the name suggests, it is a very dark and dangerous environment guarded by a new mob, the Warden. Its about Minecraft’s strongest enemy to date, but its imposing appearance has a weakness, It is blind. The Warden responds to noise and vibrations, so explore carefully.

Despite the threat from the Warden, the Deep Dark biome is worth exploring, as it’s the only one that spawns. new structures known as Ancient Cities or Ancient Cities in English. They are ruins where you can find treasures and new materials such as echo shards necessary to create the new Recovery Compass, capable of pinpointing the exact point where we last died.

Swamp biome with mangroves

Mangrove swamp biome in Minecraft

Mangrove wood happens to be one of the rarest in Minecraft

It is a variant of the classic swamp biome that appears in hot climates along with deserts and jungles, with the novelty that introduces a new tree, the mangrovewhich gives a new type of wood with which to build objects. This tree is easily recognizable by its large exposed roots that protrude above the ground. On a visual level, it is a dark variant of the classic swamp, also much rarer, so it can be difficult to find.

The frogs finally arrive

minecraft frog

Minecraft frogs are harmless mobs

Without a doubt, frogs have become one of the most popular mobs in Minecraft in recent months, which is why it is also one of the star novelties of this Wild Update. It is a harmless mob, like most animals, that feeds on silt and lava cubes. The greatest attraction of frogs, apart from their intense gaze, is that when eating a bucket of lava, generate a new block called Froglight which opens up new decorating possibilities.

The Frogs can be reproduced by giving them slime balls, which will cause it to lay tadpoles in the nearest water source. At first it was planned that the frogs also eat fireflies, but Mojang decided to cancel this addition for various reasons.

Allay, the perfect companion

Allay is a new minecraft mob

Mojang promises future news for Allay

Allay is another passive mob introduced in this Wild Update, it is shaped like “blue fairy” and its function is to collect objects. The Allay can be found in outpost raider camps or forest mansions, and once released from its prison, it will follow the player and collect specific items.

For this you only need give the Allay a specific object, for example: wood. The Allay will then collect all the loose wood around the stage and deliver it to the player.

Minecraft releases new Lightyear DLC

The Minecraft Wild Update, version 1.19, is Now available in its Bedrock and Java version for PC, Xbox consoles, PlayStation Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android mobile devices.

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