Sora from Kingdom Hearts was about to be a lion and now his initial design returns in the form of a mod

The magic of Kingdom Hearts was not always how we have received it on screen. During the process of creating the Disney and Final Fantasy universe, Square Enix had to take some first steps in which they were discarded all kinds of ideas and sketches.

One of the most memorable designs we ever got to see in 3D format was the first time Sora was drawn. The protagonist of Destiny Islands would have had an aspect related to a lion, with ears and tails of the feline animal. In addition, a kind of chainsaw was also included as a prototype instead of the keyblade.

Kingdom Hearts

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Now thanks to work of the modder Napstiowe can play with this version of the character in our game of Kingdom Hearts on PC. Its creator explains that this is his own interpretation of chow the design would have looked in the gamesince there has probably never been a model in Tetsuya Nomura’s team.

In fact, of the two initial designs that you can see in the image above, he has taken the one on the left. We can play both with Sora with white hair and with a Sora that uses this design, but using the colors of his final clothes.

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