Hideo Kojima ruled out a crazy game with the same theme as The Boys and with Mads Mikkelsen at the helm

The third season of TheBoys It is already among us and the truth is that we continue to hallucinate with the barbarities that the Patriot is carrying out. The amazon production continues to climb levels in its rampant debauchery mixing sex, violence, betrayal and no filter.

Now, we have learned that Hideo Kojima himself had a project in mind that matched the approach of the series. In a couple of tweets, the Japanese creative explains what he had in mind and, as usual with him, it is a fantasy that we would have loved to try.

and put it on hold because the concept was similar (different settings and tricks). A buddy (male/female) thing with a special detective squad facing off against legendary heroes behind the scenes. I was thinking of Mads as the lead.


The Boys, I quit after three episodes of Season 1. Thought I’d watch the rest of the show. Actually, I watched some episodes that were released at the time when a project that I had been preparing for a long time was about to start. I put it on hiatus because the concept was similar (different scenarios and gimmicks). A group of (male/female) special detective friends who take on legendary heroes offstage. I was thinking of Mads as the lead.

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As you can see, Kojima would have resorted to his fetish actor, Mads Mikkelsen, to carry out this project. A really crazy idea that has worked very well so far on the big screen. It seems that the director wanted to get away from the conventions of superhero movies where it is clear who is the hero and who is the villain. We would have seen a cruder story.

Well, what I had planned stayed in my mind only, so I didn’t incur any cost for labor, material, research, or anything like that.


Today, when superheroes continue to be mass-produced in the entertainment industry, this drama was going to be a tough action movie, with no hero or villain, with an astonishing montage of dark humor and a worldview that is the opposite of the one we’re in. accustomed. Well, what I had planned was just in my mind, so I didn’t incur any costs for labor, material, research or anything like that.

The truth is that the creativity of the creator of Metal Gear Solid must be a real hive. We recently learned that a Death Stranding sequel is in the works, while Overdose appears to be another game Kojima Productions has in the oven.

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