this redesign of the Colossal Titan is so disturbing that it will leave you cold


The Colossal Titan as you have never seen it before.

Today Attack on Titan is considered one of the best manga and anime. that have never been done, thus giving rise to the launch of each chapter of the manga when it was in publication as well as that of new chapters of the anime being an event in itself, being, in general, something that ended up on social networks monopolizing trends all over the world.

Given this, it should be noted that with the manga already finished, there is only one season left for the series to end, so that in the remaining chapters the journey of Eren, Mikasa, Armin and all the members of the Exploration Corps will be closed. However, until that day comes, we have the fans who give us works like the one we are going to leave below.

The Colossal Titan facing Eren with a Ukiyo-e style

Shingeki no Kyojin: This redesign of the Colossal Titan is so disturbing that it will leave you cold

The Colossal Titan is one of the great threats of the first seasons of Attack on the Titans

In this case it has been the user known as Justin96636 who has been in charge of recreate one of the most epic scenes of the series in a drawing that makes use of the Ukiyo-e style, in which you can see Eren facing the Colossal Titanthis being a battle that could be seen in the second part of the third season.

However, the specific drawing would rather reflect the moment in which the Colossal Titan appears on the Wall of Trost and Eren jumps towards him. What’s happening right now is something that most fans will already know, but now you can appreciate it with this Ukiyo-e style:

Chien Chih Kang artwork-Attack on Titan in Ukiyo-e style

— 簡志剛 (@Justin96636) June 14, 2022

For the rest, it should be noted that we will still have to wait a few months to see the conclusion of Attack on Titan in the anime, but that does not mean that fans are already doing a lot of things in relation to the brand, such as a LEGO of the Eren’s Attack Titan that has impressed quite a few anime and manga fans.

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