They build the largest Xbox Series X in the world and it works


With such a size, you shouldn’t have many problems with overheating.

Console makers like Microsoft and Sony often make reviews every three or four years after the launch of a new generation to make smaller and more efficient versions of their devices, but a well-known youtuber proposed the opposite: create the world’s largest Xbox Series X|Sand make it work.

Inspired by the fridge shaped like Xbox Series X that Microsoft itself built during the promotion of its console, the youtuber Michael Pick, known as The Casual Engineer, set out to build an even larger functional console. a console with two meters high and one meter wideto be exact.

They build the largest Xbox Series X in the world and it works

Michael Pick with his two-meter Xbox Series X

Certainly, you can connect this gigantic console to your television with the HDMI cable of a lifetime and play Halo Infinite or Forza Horizon 5, since this enormous outer casing hides a regular Xbox Series X inside. That is, it is about an incredibly well designed and finished wooden framebut do not think that it keeps components ten times larger than usual inside.

With the Chip shortage and transportation problems that is causing the rise in fuel prices, so that this gigantic seven-foot-tall Xbox Series X was real and you could order it for a few thousand dollars. We settle for a quick fix depletion problemthat It already affects even Xbox controllers, even though the consoles are the size of living room furniture.

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Games coming to Xbox in the next 12 months

It may be a bit difficult to get this 2-meter Xbox Series X into the house, but you could perfectly play the highlights of the last Xbox and Bethesda event with it. Games that, according to those of Redmond, will arrive in a maximum term of 12 months. Stand out As Dusk Fall, Pentiment, Grounded, High On Life, Redfall, Starfield, Forza Motorsport or Hollow Knight: Silksongamong others.

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