all bonuses and discounts until June 29, 2022

In the next few days it will be difficult for you to get off the wheel in GTA Online due to the different special activities that will give you more rewards than normal, to which are added discounts, items to unlock for free and much more. We are going to see all this in the following guide in which we are going to tell you everything you will find until June 29.

All bonuses and discounts until June 29, 2022

Podium Vehicle

Gta Online Dinka

Those of you who visit The Diamond Casino & Resort do not forget to spin the Wheel of Fortune, because thanks to it you will be able to win prizes such as money, clothes, accessories or the vehicle on the podium, which is none other than the convertible Dinka RT3000.

Items to get for free

Gta Online Vehicle Award

This time the only thing that is given away completely free of charge is the Prize Vehicle that will be received by all those who overcome the challenge of the LS Car Meet in order to take the keys to the Vapid FMJ without anything in return.

Exclusive PS5 and Xbox Series Bonuses

gta online 02

In order not to break the custom, the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions will have access to some special bonuses at Hao’s Special Works, in the heart of the LS Car Meet:

  • Race against the clock: Put the pedal to the metal to try to go as fast as possible on the course from Pacific Bluffs to Mount Gordo.
  • premium test vehicle: The chosen car is the Imponte Arbiter GT, installed with all possible upgrades to make it more impressive.

Additional rewards and bonuses

Gta Online Stunt Racing

Certain activities and missions will be more special during these days because thanks to them you will receive more money and reputation points than normal. Specifically, they are all of the following:

  • LS Car Meet: All members will get triple reputation points for doing any kind of tasks.
  • stunt racing: Drivers who muster enough courage to participate in these races will receive double dollars and reputation points in return.
  • theft contracts: The missions of this group that you complete during these days will give you double dollars and reputation points.
  • Uncommon Exports: In your workshop, consult the list of vehicles that appear in it, because carrying out rare exports will earn you double dollars and reputation points.
  • Trevor’s contact missions: Go to the Sandy Shores caravan, where Trevor will be waiting for you to ask for your help in some jobs that will give you double dollars and reputation points.


Gta Online Karin Calico Gtf

Karin Calico GTF

Those of you who need to become members of the LS Car Meet can take advantage of the fact that these days it costs 50% less, while the sizes, their modifications and improvements have a 30% discount, but there are also a few cars that will be cheaper than normal during the next few days:



Original price

discount price

Annis Euros

Annis ZR350

Dinka Jester RR

Emperor Vectre

Karin Calico GTF

Karin Futo GTX

Pfister Comet S2

Pfister Growler

Ubermacht Cypher




























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Bonuses with Prime Gaming

As usual, simply connecting to the game at any time will earn you $100,000, though you’ll need to be Prime Gaming subscribers and have linked the account with the Rockstar Social Club account. In addition, there are another series of methods for you to earn an additional 200,000 dollars until June 30.

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