The new character of DC is a combination between Batman and Flash


DC has shown a new character that is the combination of Flash and Batman and the result is impressive, but dark.

DC Comics has a catalog of very popular and beloved characters by fans, such as Wonder Woman, Superman, Aquaman, Flash, Batman, among others. However, this time we will focus on the latter two, since the World’s Fastest Sprinter and the Dark Knight have merged into what appears to be a new character.

This character is called night-flash and could become a real problem for the rest of the characters. And if you want to know more in detail, in the next few lines we will tell you everything. But you should know that this post contains spoilers from the Flash comic #783.

The fusion of Batman and Flash has arrived to stalk the DC universe

Night-Flash, the new character of DC Comics has been presented in front of the children of Wally West

Night-Flash, the new character of DC Comics has been presented in front of the children of Wally West

Definitely, Batman and Flash are two iconic characters that have starred in all kinds of stories. Both of them they are fan favorites And if you’ve ever wondered what a fusion between these would look like, DC Comics has made it happen.

In the Flash comic #783, we can see the children of Wally West looking for Barry Allen everywhere until they reach a portal that they do not hesitate to cross. However, they are transported to an alternate dimension, where they find a dark figure stalking them and intimidating.

the character that stands in the shadows is Night-Flash, a combination between Batman and Flash that belongs to this alternate reality. But it seems that the children, Irey and Jai West, are in trouble.

This comic has been created by Jeremy Adams, Amancay Nahuelpan, Jeremy Cox and Rob Leigh, and tells us this story in which Barry’s children have crossed a dimensional portal into another reality. both meet alone in an unknown world and they are surprised by the figure of Night-Flash.

A sneak peek of Night-Flash from Flash comic #784 has been shared

Writer Jeremy Adams has shared on Twitter a visual preview of what Night-Flash will look like in Flash comic #784 and the result is impressive.

Alright! #theflash 784 FINAL ORDER CUT OFF is sunday. Please buy and spread the word. thanks #flashfamily! You are the best!

PS What have Jai and Irey got themselves into?

— Jeremy Adams (@spacekicker) June 22, 2022

In the image we can see this intimidating character and that everything indicates that it will be a headache for children, since this combination of Flash and Batman is a terrifying adaptation, which seems to have the powers of both superheroes.

It is not the first time that DC Comics has made this type of merger, and fans also tend to imagine other combinations, since on other occasions we have seen Superman and Green Lantern create a single superhero. But the fusion between Flash and Batman has the potential to be extremely powerful due to the powers granted by the Speed ​​Force to the speedster and the abilities and intellect of the Dark Knight. So if he turns out to be an enemy, Wally’s kids are in deep trouble.

for now It remains to wait for July 20, which will be the date this comic lands in stores and we can all enjoy it. In the meantime, we know that this comic will deal in more detail everything that surrounds Night-Flashtheir skills and background.

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