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The PlayStation service renewal officially launched yesterday.

It was at the end of last March when we could see that, after weeks and months of rumours, Sony announced its new subscription servicethis being a complete renovation of PlayStation Plus that added PlayStation Now to the service and that now has three different levelseach having a different price and this being the reason why it is already speculated that It is the reason why the PlayStation Plus prepaid cards have been withdrawn.

Be that as it may, it had been announced in style that the service will arrive in the United States and Europe during the month of June, giving rise to yesterday it was activated in the Old Continentso currently any user of a PS4 and a PS5 can access the wide range of games which has exceeded 700 games in the USA, being a list very similar to the one we have in Europe.

A video with the voice of Miguel Ángel Jenner in the Spanish version

PlayStation Plus reveals the list with its more than 700 games in the USA and it will be very similar to that of Europe

PlayStation Plus will have 3 different subscriptions: Essential, Extra and Premium.

Given all this, it should be noted that PlayStation tends to launch quite flashy promotional with the launch of each system, although in the case of the renewal of PlayStation Plus we have not seen an exception, since the official account of the service has released a video in which it is emphasized the possibilities of playing different lives, with various elements seen in titles such as Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn, these games being available on the service. You can see the video below:

Why be one way when you can be whoever you want? Enjoy hundreds of games on demand, Classics, Play Tests and more with the new #PlayStationPlus🎮👉

– PlayStation Plus Spain (@PSPlusES) June 23, 2022

Having said all of the above, it should be noted that the new PlayStation Plus is a response to Xbox Game Passsince, despite not competing directly for things like not having launch games, it does intend encourage users to subscribe to Plus at the same time that it gives a face lift to the service that it had been requesting for years.

For all these reasons, we will have to see how it performs over the next few months, since it has not been without controversy due to decisions such as not including the download of PS3 games.

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