clean the waters of Los Santos to get the Waste Management trophy and more rewards

The shores of Los Santos in GTA V are infested with nuclear waste that could very well be responsible for the inexplicable and erratic behavior of the AI. Jokes aside, these scraps are (hard to believe) another of the collectibles available in Campaign Mode.

find all nuclear waste it is necessary to complete 100% of the game and get all the Achievements/Trophies.

Nuclear Waste in GTA V: exploring the seas of Los Santos

Before starting the search you must buy the Sonar Search Docksproperty located southwest of Paleto Bay (north of Los Santos) and that you access for the price of 250,000 dollars after completing the main mission “The blow to Merryweather”.

Once in your possession, you get a mobile app called Trackify, which alerts you when a barrel of nuclear waste is nearby. Most of them are found on the seabed, in the depths.

Nuclear Waste Gta V 4

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Unlike the spaceship and card fragments, the barrels are not hidden between buildings or structures. They are found very quickly knowing their location.

As for the submarine you receive for quests, it has a maximum depth of 148 meters, from there it will begin to be damaged. You can get as many as you want.

Nuclear Waste Gta V 1

Nuclear Waste Gta V 2

Nuclear Waste Gta V 3

You can see each residue in more detail at GTA 5 Map (interactive map of GTA V). Rewards for cleaning the shores of Los Santos, GTA V:

  • Money for each waste: 23,000 dollars.
  • Money for all the waste: $250,000.
  • Total earnings: $715,000.
  • Yellow Submersible.
  • Achievement/Trophy: Waste management.

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