SEGA has forgotten some files in Sonic Origins that point to unreleased Sonic Frontiers content

Suspicions about Sonic Frontiers have been a constant since SEGA revealed the work for the first time. The blue hedgehog aims to launch us into an open world full of rails, platforms and a lot of field to go. However, so far we have only seen a landscape full of grass.

To find out what else the new installment of the character awaits us, we have to go to Sonic Origins. As unexpected as it is true, both works share the Hedgehog Engine 2 engine, which has been used in the classic compilation for some 3D elements. Through user research, it has been discovered that what appear to be several files from sonic frontiers are in the pack.

Bro holy shit lmao

— Arsenic (@ahremic) June 22, 2022

30 years of Sonic, 30 curiosities and stories of the maximum standard-bearer of SEGA in its golden age

As can be seen in the tweet, Arsenic has found multiple references to what they are sounds, shadows and other elements related to cyberspace for Sonic Frontiers. A similar setting hasn’t really been shown for now, but the robots the character is facing may be a clue to these locations.

On the other hand, they have collected other data really interesting. For example, there are references to Amy and Tails in the files, though it’s unclear if they’ll be playable, NPCs, or what kind of presence they’ll have. There is also talk of Kodama, which points to being a new character.

It has even been found that we can fish somehow. We will be able to fully verify all this with the arrival of the title at the end of 2022 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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