Hyenas is the new sci-fi multiplayer FPS from the creators of Alien: Isolation

Creative Assembly, the team that has developed Alien: Isolation and the different installments of the Total War series, have been encouraged to develop a totally different proposal by announcing hyenaswhich is about a sci-fi multiplayer FPS.

The plot is set in a future where Earth has passed into history and the rich have taken over Mars. For its part, the rest of humanity has no choice but to live in the Tocho, a marginal neighborhood in orbit, where they look for ways to survive, while the millionaires are only interested in being even richer.

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To do this, they use giant trading ships that are dedicated to selling pop culture objects that they extract from Earth for prices that are truly crazy. However, that’s where it comes in. a group of the most skilled thieves they won’t let them get away with trying to seize the items.

The bad thing for them is that the “spoilers” are guarded by thugs, alarm systems and drones against which they will have to fight to the death. So, players will team up with a motley cast of misfit characters with unique abilities and weapons as they try to retrieve the merchandise and make a quick getaway.

Hyenas 02

Thieves’ three-player group will face off against four other teams in matchups that They promise frenetic encounters with zero gravity, to make it easier to navigate anywhere in the environment. In the event that it catches your attention, you can sign up for its alpha from its official website.

On the other hand, for its launch it will be necessary to wait much longer, since it is expected that hyenas be ready by 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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