What is the worst and baddest thing about being a Robin?


Nightwing confirms the hardest part of being a Robin.

Of all the superheroes that have existed in history, Batman could be the most difficult partner one can have. This is what he himself thinks Nightwingwho believes that the hardest part of being Robin is more emotional than physical.

Nightwing confirms the hardest part of being a Robin


Batman using his grapple gun

It’s no secret that Batman He has had numerous companions over the years. It has always been thought that Batman had to have a Robin to balance their inner darkness, but this has also affected the Robin. Dick Grayson eventually forged his path as a hero and his successor, Jason Todd, had a truly bloody end. Even Tim Drakeas he ages out of being a sidekick, he struggles to find his own place among the other heroes of DC.

the problems of being Robin they extend beyond the suit and the fight against the world of crime. Ultimately, being a Robin it means to have BruceWayne as a father figure. What is shown in DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1 suggested that being adopted son of BruceWayne It is not an easy task. dick constantly trying to make someone happy Brucebut the very darkness of Bruce it was so strong that dick he felt sacrificing his own future to make the one he considered his father happy. All the Robin they seem to be clear about one thing and that is that there is nothing Robin can do to make happy Batman.

What is the worst and baddest thing about being a Robin?

This truth applies to all robinsbut each of them experience it in different ways and forms. Jason Todd he was riddled with darkness and perhaps having a father figure who didn’t accept that role meant that his darkness only increased and grew with the passage of time. With Damian Wayne, the relationship between father and son was practically a reality. Having experienced an abusive childhood, Damian could have benefited from seeing a parent experience happiness. Instead, the two focused their efforts on ending the evil instead of building a relationship. Having grown up and having become Nightwingit is interesting to see Dick Grayson understand this worrying aspect of being Robin and try to teach the lesson to others.

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