Love and Thunder Coming to Marvel’s Avengers Next Week

The powerful Thor heads from the comics to the big screen, but first she will make an unexpected stopover in Marvel’s Avengers: Square Enix has announced the new addition to its own universe based on the Avengers and, without precedent, this time it has known how to hit the times: we can play like her starting June 28.

And it cannot be denied that the mere fact that Jane Foster, the powerful Thor, reaches Marvel’s Avengers on the eve of the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder It is an original claim that plays very much in its favor. Above all, considering how it has been integrated into the game itself through a kind of jump through time and the multiverse.

Kamala Khan, the new Marvel superstar and the true protagonist of Square Enix's Avengers

As we are told in its presentation trailer, which has the illustrations of Takeshi Miyazawa, the mighty Thor comes from a reality where the kingdom of Asgard has fallen and Odin himself has lost his mind. Without the Thor we all know to talk some sense into her, Jane makes a pact with a regular enemy of the Avengers to stop him. Not as a human, but as the new and worthy bearer of the hammer Mjölnir.

Something that, on the other hand, gives us an idea of ​​what will accompany the new heroine along with the new content stage of the game.

The Marvel, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix project continues to grow

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Crystal Dynamics was more and better right in bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy to their field than with the Avengers themselves, but the mistimes when adding new characters played against them: the incorporation of Taskmaster or the two new Hawk Eyes a lot before the premiere of the movie black widow either Disney Plus series did greatly detract from the initiative. Especially when the mutants are still conspicuous by their absence.

Precisely, his own Marvel’s Avengers revolves around the figure of a kamala khan what, today shines with its own light within the Marvel Cinematic Universe thanks to its premiere on the Disney platform. And we can expect great things from both on the big screen. Both of The Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder as of Kamala herself through The Marvel’s.

Who is She-Hulk?  This has been the passage of She-Hulk, Marvel's jade giantess, through video games

Having seen what has been seen, perhaps it is time to bring the jade giantess back to video games and give her that prominence that she has always had, in a very deserving way, in comics.

On the other hand, the plans Marvel’s Avengers they start again with the addition of the Mighty Thor and go further: in addition to version 2.5 of the game, it is expected to arrive a new war zonean omega-level threat and more content to be announced in the face of a long-term designed project that, to be fair, has taken horrors to get off the ground.

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