DC finds the official replacement for Black Adam


Black Adam reveals who the new replacement he will give his powers to is in Black Adam #1.

Black Adam of DC has a new replacement called Malik White who will assume the powers of the well-known antihero of DC Comics. The comic where the replacement of the character is shown has been presented in Black Adam #1 that has been made by the writer Christopher Priest and the artist Rafael Sandoval. The issue, which is the first in the new twelve-issue series, introduces readers to a character named Malik White.

Black Adam reveals the new replacement he’ll give his powers to in Black Adam #1

Malik meets for the first time Theo Teth-Adam at the hospital where he supposedly works, though a nurse later informs a detective that there is no dr white working in that place, when Black Adam bursts in and demands to know if Malik had some kind of problem with shakur nassar. It is at that moment when Black Adam tells to Malik the details about shakur nassar.

DC finds the official replacement for Black Adam

Nevertheless, Malik denies any relationship with shakur nassar. He is later questioned by the police and detained for a while for the same problem. There, he is greeted by a small group of people, one of whom is a detective who works alongside him. Black Adam who was previously looking for Malik and refer to him as teacher.

The Serie Black Adam explore the immortality of Theo Teth-Adam without having his powers. DC previously revealed that the character will die for Black Adam #3 Y Malik he will be forced to use whatever means necessary to try to bring it to life. the cover of Black Adam #4 Realized by irvin rodriguez also shows Malik dressed in a white version of the villain’s outfit from Shazamwhile an alternative cover by Rafa Sandoval shows him sitting on a bed while Etrigan the Demon looms behind him.

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