This simulator calculates how much it costs in Diablo Immortal to get a legendary gem and thus save yourself a good pinch

Diablo Immortal’s monetization system is proving to be a pain in the ass for the entire community. Complaints have been constant for the free work since its launch, which has resulted in the worst note of all Metacritic, but generous economic data.

Today we have the opportunity to see how insane it can be to get a legendary gem thanks to the more than 15,000 dollars spent by a streamer. Since possessing such an amount of money is not within everyone’s reach, now it comes to us a simulator that shows us how much it would cost us to get such a precious object.

What is happening with Diablo Immortal and its monetization system

This program has been designed by a reddit user and it allows us to basically make two movements. The first is to spend 25 fictitious dollars to obtain random objects and the second is that chance plays the role of it to see how much we could spend until we get the aforementioned gem. Obviously, the figure can be higher or lower, but in my case he marked me 13,250 dollars until you get it.

Actually, we are talking about a simulator that shows us everything that our portfolio can save. It has also been discovered that Devil Immortal hides a system that makes it extremely difficult to get hold of the best items without going through the checkout. However, from Blizzard they point out that Diablo IV will not follow the same example in monetization.

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