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Some of these One Piece shirts are ideal for work.

one piecesince its first publication in July 1997 in Shonen Jump (Shueisha publishing house), managed to position itself as one of the cornerstones of the manga and anime industry. This work by Eiichiro Oda is recognized as the best-selling manga in the Japanese magazine, with a total of 490 million copies distributed worldwide; it is even among the fifty best manga in Japan, according to a survey by the Japanese Culture Agency. That said, it’s no surprise that the franchise takes decisions far beyond its main story and decides to collaborate with some brands to give visibility to its own style and, incidentally, remember some of the most memorable moments of the adventure series.

The clothing line that brings Luffy to life

It should be noted that this is not the first time that One Piece has appeared in various articles that take up the most important elements of the characters and personify them in very creative ways. However, this time the franchise worked together with Original Stitch, which is one of the main stores that offer tailoring online. And, for some time now, the latter expanded its work area to make collections aimed at the anime fan community. In fact, having launched his own line of Pokémon t-shirts, the store chose to surprise its public again with a new collection based on One Piece.

Thanks to the fact that the franchise follows the adventures of Luffy, a clueless pirate who dreams of conquering the sea and becoming the Pirate King, after finding an invaluable treasure: the One Piece, it is logical that the line is based on its protagonist, the pirate. Straw hat. And, to tell the truth, the shirts featured in the collection are a rather formal way of showing that professionals also like anime.

You can buy them at Original Stitchwhere you will find several t-shirts for men and women with different designs suitable for all tastes and flavors. One of the most popular t-shirtsas might be expected, is one of luffy which we will show you next. Photos are courtesy of Comicbook, who have placed a custom order for the brand.

In fact, it is a man’s Hawaiian silhouette shirt with a print of Luffy’s smiling face. And, to add even more detail to the edition, the long-sleeved one even has buttons down the front with the Straw Hat crew logo (for a fun look). however, as far as quality is concerned, the shirt is really a top piece.


As we mentioned before, the Luffy print that we just saw has a somewhat casual touch, however Original Stitch x One Piece has other subtle prints, but suitable for professionals who want to wear them to their respective jobs. This makes things more fun, because if any fan of the series wants to show his love for One Piece in their work spaces, they can actually do it with this beautiful and elegant presentation.

If you look at the original page, Original Stitch x One Piece It has several models of prints based on the anime. Among Them you can find individual characters, some of the most famous crews of their world and, of course, the devil fruits. So if you would not only like to see the shirt with Luffy’s face printed on it, or there is some other character that you admire from the series, you also have the option of looking for it among the clothing line for your important events.



Namely, the cotton-blend shirt runs a bit large based on the requested measurements, but the length of the sleeves and the width of the collar are correct. So you better consider this when placing your own order, because it may be a little larger than you expect. Also, the print is very even and the seams look really durable.

Lastly, the site’s online ordering experience was easy, and fairly quick. And, if you don’t know what your exact measurements are, Original Stitch has a Bodygame service available for mobile phone users to calculate what size you will need after seeing the photos, so there are no more excuses to get this beautiful collection.

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