Minecraft releases new Lightyear DLC


The film was released last weekend.

minecraft is today the most popular game in the video game industrythus allowing us to see how little by little its universe expands beyond its base game, thus giving rise to what we have been able to see the announcement of Minecraft Legends at the Xbox + Bethesda event, which also gives rise to new ways to enjoy these blocks.

However, we must not detract from the base game, which, after months of waiting, has finally released its update The Wild, which has added great novelties to the saga and have given rise to different collaborations. And under this same premise, the last to be known has been a partnership with Disney and Pixar following the release of Lightyear.

The Lightyear movie arrives through a DLC to Minecraft

Minecraft releases new Lightyear DLC

Lightyear’s movie makes the jump to the most popular title of the last decade

With the recent premiere of Lightyear, a partnership has been reached between the different brands so that a DLC with several missions is released through which the story of Buzz Lightyear is told, being able to use different elements seen in the film such as the ships, the characters, among many others.

It should be noted that this DLC only available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, though not on all platforms this edition is on. Also, the exact content of this DLC consists of five story missions. In order to acquire them, 1,340 Minecraft coins are required, which in turn is equivalent to about $/€9.99. You can see the trailer below:

Regarding the film, it must be said that this is the tape that Andy saw as a child and that inspired Buzz Lightyear’s toy, so, despite being a Toy Story spin-off, it does not have a direct relationship with this tape. In this way, we will see where Buzz’s different elements come from, such as his laser beam, his wings, among many others.

Also, regarding Minecraft, know that the game is as alive as ever, being that currently you can see how Mario Kart cars have been recreated in its vast world.

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