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The week of Clash Royale returns full of challenges from the hand of a great protagonist, the event of The Kingdom of Fire of the Skeleton Dragons in which we can win juicy rewards to continue leveling up our dragons.

Following you will find The best Skeleton Dragon decks taking advantage of the fact that the card is enhanced and that it will dominate the meta for the next few days. Here you have the decks that are hitting the most in deckshop so you know what cards should be used and what strategy to follow to win without problems in the new challenge of clash royale.

Best Skeleton Dragon Decks

Although the challenge of skeleton dragons will be in charge of releasing these units behind the king’s tower automatically, we have searched for the best decks with this unit so that the synergies are as interesting as possible.

We give the starting gun with the noble giant as a win condition and a collection of spells and units that are meant to support your attack from behind the bridge. Fire, Log, Prince and Fire Launcher will do their best to clean up the enemy defenses while the rest of the units are in charge of supporting as a diversion.


We jump to a somewhat more chaotic deck, supported by the eggplants that can produce troops like those generated by the Goblin Hut and the Graveyard. It’s always fun to see how the enemy runs out of spells and is totally exposed to the attack of the horde.

It’s time to play absentmindedness without forgetting a defense in which the skeleton dragons They can be key to stopping threats along with the Knight and the Barbarian by tanking the rest of the units. Log and Poison are relatively cheap spells to slow things down if things get out of hand.


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We close with one of the funniest combos of clash royale. Watching the Ram push the Ice Golem into the enemy’s kitchen is always a treat, but messing around with Bandit and Prince taking down enemies while protecting them both is one of those plays that, given enough elixir, can be devastating.

The firethrower continues to serve us to fight against small hordes alongside the skeleton dragonsDischarge, and Fireball, but the Golem’s explosion should be more than enough to get the attack off the ground against those types of enemies.


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