The story of how the boy from Paperboy became the protagonist of a video game

Although he is now over fifty years old and his life has taken him along completely different paths -he is now an artist with a channel on YouTube-, there was a time when Scott Christian It was the envy of all the children of the time.

As Scott himself comments in the video below, back in 1980 his father started working at Atari and, as a good fan of video games, the boy was in the offices day in and day out to be able to play everything that was cooking in the company.

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Eventually someone asked his father if the kid could come back on his bike to take some photos and, ready for anything, Scott stood before a collection of obstacles and ramps placed in the parking lot of Atari and they started taking pictures of him while he was throwing things and going around the circuit.

Although at that time he did not know for sure what that was about, over time it ended up crossing the arcade of the mythical paperboy and discovered that, well, he himself was the protagonist of that video game.

Atari’s franchise about delivering newspapers by bicycle became a hit and paperboy It had a couple of sequels and different adaptations for consoles like the NES, Game Boy or even the iPhone. For his part, Scott earned a great story to tell someday to his grandchildren.

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