Flying cars in Cyberpunk 2077 make Night City feel like a Back to the Future or Blade Runner movie

we have toured Night City from top to bottom and, indeed, there is no way to achieve it. CD Projekt RED finally decided not to include any kind of flying car to go around the city, so our dream that the work would be even more like bladerunner it vanished

Now, our prayers have been heard. Thanks to jackhumbert work, now we can fly over the city without worries or limits. At the push of a button, the wheels will fold up and the anti-gravitational technology will work its magic.

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To make us even more amazed with the possibility of playing Cyberpunk 2077 like this, the work of the Digital Dreams team is added, which always gives us a visual spectacle thanks to the use of its ray tracing mod. All this powered by a GeForce RTX 3090.

Jack’s work is so good that it seems like one more mechanic that the Polish studio could have implemented. if you loved it Back to the Future II With the traveling to 2015 part, you sure can’t resist installing this mod in your game.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the anime series for netflix which will come this year. Furthermore, we already know the reason why CD Projekt RED has used the striking yellow color as a promotional method.

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