Remembering one of my best adventures in Red Dead Online a la Toretto from Fast & Furious: "I do not have friends. I have family"

Red Dead Online is the multiplayer mode of the sublime Red Dead Redemption II. In appearance it is a GTA V of the west, at least that is what many of the users who arrive from Los Santos think, but they soon understand that Red Dead Online is a completely different universe.

Unlike his chaotic brother, Red Dead Online It has a series of unwritten rules and laws that its community has been forging based on dealing with toxic players. It began as what it seems from the outside, but over the years it has become an experience like few others.

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The story that I want to tell you today is about several of these unwritten rules and laws, and shows scenes that you will rarely see in a multiplayer video game… because nowadays everything is based on seeing who has the biggest chick and appearing on social networks. that you are the best.

Red Dead Online: “What man worth his salt doesn’t want to improve the world?”

This adventure begins on a night like any other. I was walking and fishing with a friend while we waited for the rest of the party to log in to do the daily quests and some Merchant and Liquorist role assignments.

A little later, another member joined our fishing session and chat on various topics: from video game news to crazy news from each one’s country. I love hearing the news that my friend from Mexico tells. Nothing special. One of many nights in Red Dead Online.


We continue with a walk and suddenly we heard shots in the nearby town of valentine, a hive of crazy and toxic players. Our group is usually peaceful, but we always go to the places where there is a fight to control what is happening. In the process another member was incorporated. There were 4 of us, so there was nothing to fear.

Arriving at the town of Valentine, we saw that several mid-level players (50-60) were mowing down a low level (no more than 20). We had nothing to do and that was an abuse, so we proceeded to put order in the zone.

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I decided to stay out of it. I got up on a roof, took out my sniper rifle for what might happen and watched the spectacle. My three companions killed the two bullies repeatedly until they ran away. I didn’t want to deprive myself of a couple of headshots as they ran to finish off the job and get them off the server.

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The lower level gave us a greeting and continued with their things. We continue to our next favorite fishing spot: the horseshoe dakota river. Here is one of the unwritten rules and laws of Red Dead Online: low levels are not abused. On the contrary, they are helped and even taught how things work if they ask for it.

There is Strength in Unity: Total Server Domination

Our group was completed as the minutes passed. At that time we used to be 6, some more depending on whether a member brought guests. That night one of them came accompanied by 3-4 friends to spend the night.

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While we waited for the guests, we began to make liquor deliveries, which consist of carrying liquor bottles from one place to another. It’s very easy to break the glass bottles, so the community doesn’t usually attack these orders precisely because of this and because you don’t gain anything for messing up a delivery.

Small Crews in Red Dead Online are capped at 4 players, so one crew went off to make one delivery and the remaining two went off to make another. Coincidence that that night a player came to annoy… precisely the low level that 30-40 minutes before we had protected. We executed him a couple of times for the inconvenience and we left.

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Meanwhile, the other gang told us that other players were following them, so we went to where they were to lend a hand. Those of us who were protecting the rearguard fired several shots into the air to make them go away, but in the end we had to get into a gunfight while the car reached its destination.

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Here’s another one of Red Dead Online’s unwritten laws and rules: do not attack deliveries from other players for no reasonbecause you earn absolutely nothing and it is costing the creator of the delivery money… Because you have to invest money to build the car!

Family in Red Dead Online: one of my best nights as a gamer

After the altercation, we decided to divide the group of 9 people into several Squads to help in the deliveries of each, even without earning money. To earn the delivery reward and complete the daily quests you must be in the organizer’s posse. It didn’t matter if you didn’t get to be on a delivery. The thing was to play together.


Going through any point of interest on the map was like a western movie scene: 2 players on a car and another 7 surrounding the car in formation. Several players tried to get close on some deliveries, but were warned off with shots into the air (and some to the head). A stranger joined the formation for a few minutes and finally waved goodbye.

Throughout the night we made quite a few deliveries and little by little the additional members left. Finally, we keep the original 6. We continue to help other players, even protecting a stranger’s delivery that was being attacked by a couple of players. We end as we began: walking, fishing and chatting.

That night we got dominate the server and we brought a bit of order, respect and decency to the world of multiplayer. As I told you in the introduction, Red Dead Online has a community that strives daily to maintain its unwritten rules and laws.

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As I see it, the unwritten laws and rules of Red Dead Online are a nice legacy which is based on the effort and goodwill of many players who unfortunately no longer play (reason for leaving Rockstar Games) and others who maintain hope in the game.

I remember this night very fondly. I had fun like few times and I think we perfectly represent the values ​​of this beautiful community. It was just epic I hope to repeat it one day to be able to tell you. If you’re thinking of starting to play Red Dead Online, you have my full support.

Have you had a similar experience in Red Dead Online? Did you know that it has such a dedicated community and fights against toxicity? I read you in comments.

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