In the sea life is tastier… in the sea everything is happiness

Summer hasn’t officially arrived yet. High temperatures, on the other hand, insist on taking us the opposite (at the time of writing these lines it is 34º in a town in Barcelona). And what we asked you last week for the photo mode through our Discord server was that you made us arrive summer video game screenshots. Today, like every Saturday, it’s time to bring you here the ones we liked the most.

Opening the article you can see a screenshot of Hitman 2 that sent us JAER-27, one of the regulars in this section. Next to it was the following:

In the sea life is tastier… in the sea everything is happiness…“. Nothing like spending the summer on some paradisiacal islands, but without neglecting security.

The truth is that it is a really refreshing image.

We continue. The following capture, belonging to Final Fantasy XV, has been sent to us by our reader AJLuque accompanied by a message. She says like this:

“In summer you always feel like a getaway with friends, a car ride, camping outside, fighting some monsters for Giles… You know, summer things to do in FFXV.”

We are not going to be the ones to contradict him. Here it is:


And to close today’s article, we have the capture that you sent us ruben_berja. He told us the following:

“This little beach from Life is Strange would come in handy to spend this caló”.


And here we leave it for this time. Stay tuned for the new themes that we will be proposing on our server. Discord.

Thank you very much for your participation.

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