Dragon Ball fans want these two characters to be canon


Characters like Shallot and Giblet deserve their own space in Dragon Ball story arcs.

A large list of heroes and villains have passed through the Dragon Ball story arcs. And if most of them have something in common, it is that they have left a mark on the audience for many good reasons. In addition, it is not surprising that the characters are increasingly the object of attention among the audience, given the unexpected turns of the story.

Some of the non-canon characters also need their own space in Dragon Ball, according to fans.

But if something must be recognized, it is that the introduction of some of the characters has given solidity to the plot. And, although they have not been officially presented in the series, fans would like to see them parade through the front door like the rest of the memorable Dragon Ball characters. This is the case of two quite interesting characters: the Saiyan twins Giblet and Shallotwho have only appeared in the Dragon Ball Legends mobile games.

You may not have heard their names yet (especially if you’ve only followed the adaptation closely), but the image of both of them has catapulted them to success, thanks to their impressive powers and a great story behind them. So much so that they became a kind of legend, on the same level as any other Dragon Ball Super icon.

As time goes on, the enthusiasm of the fans to be part of the main story only grows and the petition has echoed after the Dragon Ball franchise pledged to introduce new characters, like Android 21; or else, he would return to other non-canonical characters of great popularity, such as Bardock (Goku’s father) and Broly and give them a noticeable space in the stories of the official canon.

So perhaps now could be the perfect opportunity for Gibley and Shallot to get some official recognition in Dragon Ball, just as fans have been asking for it for some time now. You can see some of the evidence that supports this important request from the audience below:


Who are giblet and shallot?

The images you just saw correspond to the essence of both characters in the game. In other words, they stick to the origin story of the twins Giblet and Shallot (out of canon). This explains that although the two come from the same saiyan race known in the series, they have been displaced since the early days of the race. However, there was a compelling reason for this to happen and that is that in his time there was a civil war, because the Saiyan race was fragmented between good and bad and it remained to define who would stay with the victory.

Despite Giblet and Shallot giving their all to defeat their evil rivals, Giblet became obsessed with him and Shallot unlocked the power of the Super Saiyan God in order to defeat evil. In fact, the Dragon Ball Legends game is pretty much a sequel to it, as it picks up after the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power, once Shallot wakes up in the modern Dragon Ball timeline (instead of the era) without any explanation.

Later, Giblet joined forces with Shallot while he was forced to compete in the Tournament of Time that was planned by the evil Zahha. Once involved in that scenario, Zahha brainwashed Giblet, causing him to erase all memories of him and become drawn to the idea of ​​fighting his brother. And so the twins engage in the most important battle of their lives, as managed to unlock Super Saiyan God form.


Shallot was able to reach Giblet’s being and rid herself of Dark Ki’s influence. And only in this way, Giblet was on the right track and ended up fighting alongside his brother to defend the world from the dangers of evil.

While we’ve seen some interesting and fun variations of the Saiyans in Dragon Ball, it’s fair to mention that their heroics have given them a prominence that’s hard to beat. However, the Saiyan race could be much broader and have more diverse stories, if the franchise finally considers adding this pair of heroes, whose title they have earned by their own hand, to the official canon.

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