all bonuses and discounts until June 22, 2022

One more week GTA Online leaves us with a good handful of news with its new update of content and bonuses. For the next seven days you will have access to new discounts, items to unlock for free, special missions and much more. We are going to see all this in this guide in which we are going to review everything that will be available until June 22.

All bonuses and discounts until June 1, 2022

Podium Vehicle

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In the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort you will find the Wheel of Fortune, with which you can see if luck is smiling on you. Thanks to it you will have the opportunity to take clothes, dollars, food or even the podium vehicle, which is the Grotti Turismo Ra hybrid hypercar.

Items to get for free

Gta Online Karin Kuruma Armored

This time Rockstar has decided give away a couple of cars so that you can add them to your collection without paying anything in return. In this couple of guides we tell you how to get them for free:

Exclusive PS5 and Xbox Series Bonuses

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Those who have the version of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S It is recommended that you drop by Hao’s Special Works, at the LS Car Meet, to participate in these exclusive activities:

  • Race against the clock: In this week’s special race, it’s up to you to prove how fast you are as you make your way from Terminal to the wilds of Mt. Chiliad.
  • test vehicle: All users will have at their disposal the Grotti Turismo Classic, equipped with all kinds of performance enhancers, to see first hand how fast it is.

Additional rewards and bonuses

Gta Online Custom Missions

During these days you will have to bring out your facet as a trafficker, because there are certain activities that will give you more money and reputation points than normal. Specifically all of the following:

  • air hunters: In this mode you will be chased by powerful armed fighters, so you will have to make an effort to get through the stage unscathed, although whatever happens you will get double dollars and reputation points in return.
  • Premium Deluxe Repossession Missions: When Simeon Yetarian asks for your help, don’t hesitate to lend him a hand in impounding rare vehicles for double the dollars and reputation points.
  • Import and export sales missions: Those who get luxurious and most valuable vehicles can sell them in your warehouse and get a bonus of double dollars and reputation points.
  • Special Cargo Sell Missions: Like the previous ones, if you have a store full of valuable contraband, it’s time to sell it to earn double the rewards.
  • Sumo (Remix): Several cars will be located on a platform that will disappear little by little, so you will have to drive carefully so as not to be eliminated. Even so, just by playing you will get double dollars and reputation points.


Gta Online Nagasaki Stryder

Nagasaki Stryder

It’s a great time to get your own Executive Office and Garage, because both will be 50% off these days, as well as customization options 30% less, on top of the following vehicles that are on sale:



Original price

discount price

Benefactor Krieger

Benefactor Schlagen GT

Benefactor Stirling GT

Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom

Enus Cognoscenti (armored)

Grotti Cheetah Classic

Grotti Fury

Grotti Stinger

Grotti X80 Proto

Karin Previon

Nagasaki Stryder

Pegassi Speeder





































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Bonuses with Prime Gaming

We end with great news for Prime Gaming subscribers, because all of them will get $ 100,000 just for playing at any time these days after linking the account with the Rockstar Games Social Club. And it won’t be all there, because you still have time to get another additional 200,000 dollars a week.

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