Dragon Ball Super could have made GT canon without anyone realizing it


This detail of the manga chapter could be more important than it seemed…

Due to a particular artifact introduced in Dragon Ball Super, the stage was set to canonize the GT saga, and you may not have noticed. As we well know, this series does not have its manga counterpart nor was it written or directed by Akira Toriyama, the creator of the entire franchise. For all of the above, it is considered a work outside the canon and, for a long time, it was considered a work that did not respond to the original vision of the author… until now.

In Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou’s Dragon Ball Super Chapter 16, the Supreme Kai of the Tenth Universe, Gowasu, is training his successor, Zamasu, in the ways of being a Supreme Kai both in terms of power and duty. One of the main functions of a Supreme Kai is to watch over all life in the universe and help it thrive while making sure not to get too involved in the natural progression of any particular species. As he observes a primitive race, Zamasu does not see their value and thinks of them as lesser beings due to their barbaric lifestyle.

dragon ball super dragon ball gt canon

This detail of Dragon Ball Super would make it possible for other sagas to enter the official canon.

Gowasu then shows him a way to jump forward in time and see the progression of the species in an instant, hoping doing so will change Zamasu’s mind. To do that, Gowasu uses an artifact known as the Ring of Time which is kept in a case along with four other rings. However, those other rings are not time rings, but rather rings that were created after the timeline was skewed by someone who tampered with the past, creating an alternate timeline in the process. Therefore, each one of them gives a special weight to the different stories that unfold in Akira Toriyama’s work.

Those rings held in the possession of the Supreme Kai are gateways to other realities that are parallel to the main Dragon Ball timeline. Since fans haven’t been given a full explanation about each of those other timelines, it is possible that one of them leads to the Dragon Ball GT universe. If that theory were proven to be true, then entities from either timeline could use the rings to travel to the other, creating an adrenaline-pumping, action-packed crossover event for the ages, as has happened with Dragon. BallHeroes.

Dragon Ball GT could be officially canon

So far, the only alternate timeline fans have seen through the use of the rings is the one created by Trunks after he went back in time hoping to prevent the rise of androids in Dragon Ball Z. However, this detail gives rise to Dragon Ball GT, a previously established universe with interesting ideas and character designs that should not be abandoned, becoming a primary part of the game. official fee.

Since the release of Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT, the previous sequel to Dragon Ball Z, has been completely erased from continuity, though it may not remain that way since Dragon Ball Super has subtly set the stage for making GT canon again, including the transformations we see in that saga.

goku super saiyan 4

One of the favorite transformations made its debut in Dragon Ball GT, a saga outside the official canon until now.

Unlike Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT was not originally a manga, but strictly an anime series., a fact that has always damaged its legitimacy as a continuation of Dragon Ball. The series followed Goku after he transformed back into a boy after the villain Pilaf made a mistake while he wished for the Dragon Balls. Despite being a young child, Goku is later able to unlock his most powerful form yet: Super Saiyan 4, a more primitive and unique version of the Super Saiyan transformation that draws inspiration from the animal roots of the Saiyan heritage. While the form was powerful and exceptionally impressive, it was cast aside in the hypothetical void of non-canon Dragon Ball content alongside Super Saiyan 5 and Krillin with a nose. However, a key artifact introduced in Super could change that in an instant as we mentioned before.

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