Flashback 2, the second part of the cult classic from 30 years ago, is seen with its first official trailer

With the time that has passed, it was difficult to remember that it had been announced, but the Summer Game Fest 2022 conference has warned that Flashback will return in style to celebrate its 30th anniversary with Flashback 2, which has been seen with its first trailer.

This has allowed us to see what this sequel to the legendary 1992 game will look like, which will feature 2.5D gameplay. In it we will have to go through a few new and renewed levels loaded with action and puzzles, just like in the original adventure.

The art of telling nothing and dazzling more than with words: from Another World to INSIDE

Conrad and his allies will once again face the Morphs, the fearsome species that is threatening all civilizations. In addition, the friend of our protagonist has been captured and it will be time to go in search of him in this second part in which some of those responsible for the original title are involved.

The new video of flash back 2 has stopped us with the notice that this sequel will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC sometime this winter. To these versions will be added another for Nintendo Switch, although in this case it will not be ready until 2023.

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