Thanks to this weakness of All For One, the heroes will be able to defeat this villain with the help of the users of the previous quirks, who have rebelled.


Hawks may be able to best the world’s most powerful villain…

We know that My Hero Academia is a work that always ends up giving unexpected turns or surprises to its audience, as it was the revelation of the traitor within the ranks of the heroes, specifically his students. However, nothing may compare to the chapter 355 which will lead to the inevitable defeat of All For One.

After slightly injuring Endeavor by tricking him with his psychological manipulation (using his children as weapons), All For One directed all of their murderous intent at Hawks.. He fired a fatal pulse blast at the winged hero, but Jiro saved the winged hero, who canceled it with an equally powerful Heartbeat Wall. Although Jiro and Tokoyami Fumikage were brave to offer help against the most powerful villain in the entire franchise, it seems like it was all a sad effort.

My Hero Academia 354 all for one defeat

All For One has a unique weakness, his helmet. This allows him to continue alive, despite his serious injuries.

At this point in My Hero Academia, All For One started beating up the trio with his various quirks stolen over the years. As he chased after them, All For One continued his favorite diversionary technique in the midst of battle: emotional manipulation. The students to heroes were victims of some of the most hurtful words they had heard up to that point. He scoffed at their efforts to be weak, asking if they had approached him assuming they could actually fight him, while doing his best to kill them. Unfortunately, both young heroes sustained injuries all overit seemed that All For One could take the victory.

At this point in My Hero Academia Chapter 355, All For One was in full control of the battle. However, the villain wasn’t counting on being suddenly hit with the most powerful sonic attack from Jiro’s last remaining headphone jack, Heartbeat Surround: Legato. Still, All For One called Legato disappointing and moved to easily cancel his attack, until was stopped by none other than the vestiges of the original owners of the Quirks that I was trying to use. This point may have been one of the most interesting and unexpected turns of the fight.

The original users of his quirks, All For One’s true weakness in My Hero Academia

This sudden development took All For One by surprise for the first time since the battle began. He’s never had a problem controlling his abilities before., as they were perfectly integrated with his original Quirk that allowed him to steal and grant powers at his discretion. Even the New Order hadn’t given the vestiges the ability to resist it, but it seemed that the remnants of the owners’ wills had responded to how seriously Jiro and Tokoyami were fighting. In doing so, they achieved what no outside attack had achieved until now and rocked All For One.

That momentary hesitation was all it took for Hawks to land his final blow on All For One’s helmet.. Hawks’s repeated attacks on All For One’s hull were not desperate attacks; they were focused on exactly the same place. Since the beginning of the battle, he had worked to widen a crack in the hull, and now, with an attack amplified by Jiro’s Legato, he had finally broken through.

all for one my hero academia final

All For One is attacked by his own quirks in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia.

The heroes’ goal thus far had been to break All For One’s helmet, as they deduced that it contains life support equipment that it could not function without. Now that it has been destroyed, the battle will enter a new phase. This point in the story makes it official that My Hero Academia is entering its final phase.however this may discourage those who wanted to see one last showdown between Deku and AFO.

In the My Hero Academia universe, Quirks are interwoven and even manage to influence the psyche of their users. No two Quirks are exactly alike; they all respond to and are activated by their wearer in very different ways. Excessive use of a Quirk can cause some physical injury to its wielder, but it is unheard of for one to ignore its user’s wishes and actively work against them. In a surprising turn of events, that’s exactly what happened to All For One in Chapter 355.

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