Who would Iron Man be if Tony Stark didn’t exist?


Marvel changes Iron Man’s origin and decides not to save Tony Stark.

Many will find it impossible to imagine Hombre de Hierro without this being the same Tony Stark. The great popularity of the character after all the films of the UCM Has made us unable to see another Hombre de Hierro that it is not Tony. However, the comics have already explored this possibility by showing someone else taking on the legacy and mantle of the metallic hero.

Marvel changes the origin of Iron Man and decides not to save Tony Stark

Who would Iron Man be if Tony Stark didn't exist?

Tony Stark is he Hombre de Hierro most common in the Marvel multiverse, serving as a pivotal member of the Avengers and one of the most important figures within the UCM. However, in the Multiverse there are some worlds where Stark does not even exist, but someone must be in charge of being Hombre de Hierro. A timeline has an altered version of the origin story of Hombre de Hierro. The first ally of Tony Stark, Yinsenswitches places with him, with him surviving and becoming a hero in his place, and the world could be a lot better for that very reason.

In almost every timeline, Tony Stark is shown to be saved by Yinsen. Together, the pair found a way to stave off death long enough for Tony to build a rudimentary suit of armor. Hombre de Hierro. However, in the subsequent attempt to escape from him, Yinsen was assassinated thus saving the life of Tonyand his death became one of the main motivations for Tony turn his back on his reckless life and become the heroic Hombre de Hierro.

Who would Iron Man be if Tony Stark didn't exist?

In Iron Man: Fatal Frontier Infinite Comic #9 a different result was displayed since it was Tony Stark who sacrificed himself to save Yinsen and not the other way around. Escaping from captivity and inspired by the sacrifice of Tonyit was Yinsen who decided to protect the world and become a hero. Yinsen he was a true hero, showing how inspiring he was without superpowers. The idea of ​​him being around to continue changing the world for the better is grim, especially considering he more or less created a utopia in the process.

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