The best vampire video game according to VidaExtra readers is…

Lately we are talking a lot about vampires, mainly thanks to V Rising and all the community that is gathering around it. With that in mind last week, on our Discord serverwe ask you for the best game with vampires.

Now it’s time to review the answers that you have sent us and, above all, leave the comments of this article at your entire disposal so that you can share your opinion with everyone about the topic. Sure to come out a good list of vampire games.

our reader Eduardo Garciafor example, told us the following:

“Well, I prefer Castlevania Lords of Shadow, which is still focused in part on the lore of vampires, and which is also a spectacular game from a Spanish studio that I am passionate about and that are the geniuses of Mercury Steam. They were able to pull out of their sleeves two unrepeatable games that for those of us who love the hack and slash genre of frenetic action with enormous replay value are delightful… on a par with the best Devil May Cry. Another game that I also loved was Vampyr, which, being a more classic RPG, combines innovative elements and a captivating story… beyond infinite possibilities when playing based on your style of player being good, less good or bad. because of the options that the game gives to be finished without drinking a single drop of blood”.

jessevilFor his part, he told us the following:

“Good. Without a doubt, one that I loved was Legacy of Kain: Defiance. It is a few years old, but for its time it was not bad at all. Absorbing the blood of the prisoners to recover life was the most”.

Secondly, HondaTypeR He also left us a most direct and to the point message:

“I think for me it was the first Masquerade Bloodlines that felt the most like me.”

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And speaking of short and unceremonious messages, here goes this one from prune:

“I loved the first Castlevania that came out for the Nintendo 64. What a show.”

Finally, we bring the comment he made lecna44 about:

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (PS1). I still remember how hallucinated with the intro. And the rest, well: it was a show at all levels”.

Pay attention to our Discord server, where every week we are proposing new topics to talk about and debate.

Now, as I said at the beginning, the comments are all yours to continue the conversation. What, in your opinion, is the best vampire game?

Thanks for participating.


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