the warrior Hornet lands in the Elden Ring Midlands

The wait for Hollow Knight: Silksong is getting too long. The news about the title of Team Cherry they are being really scarce, even with bad news from Geoff Keighley, assuring that the pandemic has affected development. All in all, hopes are pinned on the next Summer Game Fest.

However, we already have an opportunity to test the title through a mod for Elden Ring. User Will Ryan has shaped a skin that shows the protagonist Hornet in all her glory. You can try it without problems via Nexusmods.

I never imagined that Elden Ring would make me cry to the point of not wanting to move forward: my story with Malenia, Espada de Miquella

As you know, in the next Team Cherry project we abandoned The Hollow Knight and took control of Hornet, the patron princess of the Hallownest region. To wear this outfit, we will have to get the Cariano Knight set, although we will not have the complete appearance.

If we want to wield the Divine Needle, then we better have gotten the Hand of Malenia, which is obtained after defeating the powerful boss. The substituted shield in this case is the Iron and Tinsel from the world of Midlands.

There has come a point where mods for Elden Ring have become the usual trend. For example, we can already try a survival mode that will make FromSoftware’s work much more difficult, although there is another that allows us to play cooperatively with our friends at all times.

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