Between flowers, strange planets and cherry trees

Well, nothing, here we are one week more willing to bring you the captures that we liked the most of how many you have sent us to our Discord server during the last days. The theme we proposed was springtaking advantage of the fact that this month we will leave it behind to make way for summer.

The one that heads the article is the work of ruben_berja, who also accompanied her with the following message: “Seeing the spring flowers in Forza Horizon 4”. Well views are, of course. The print is really fabulous and perfectly captures what we wanted to see this week.

Secondly, mily He has sent us this capture of Animal Crossing: New Horizons along with a few words:

“Well, my photos are not as beautiful or realistic as yours, but they are very colorful. They are from the Animal Crossing game, which I never get tired of. I do not stop playing others, but this one relaxes me and above all I usually play it group which is more fun. I encourage you to try it”.


We continue with the capture that our reader sent us pachafly, which is specialized in No Man’s Sky as it has shown us on several occasions. He told us the following: “A spring day on some planet in No Man’s Sky”:

No Man's Sky

To finish we wanted to bring here the catch that you sent us Totality936, who opens in this section hand in hand with Zelda: Breath of the Wild and its cherry trees. About this same thing he told us that “Cherry trees represent how beautiful and ephemeral life is”:

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

And here we leave it for today. Stay tuned for the new topics that we will be proposing on our server Discord and thank you very much for your participation.


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