The Punisher takes on an incredible Wonder Woman villain


Marvel is giving the Punisher a classic Wonder Woman villain and it could be her most dangerous to date.

It is very common to see how among the great American comic book publishers borrow ideas to build scenarios or even characters very similar to those that the competition already has. the new series punisher Marvel has given the character a villain worth fighting for, and it’s an enemy that just so happens to be one of Marvel’s classic foes. wonder-woman.

Marvel Is Giving The Punisher A Classic Wonder Woman Villain And He Might Be His Most Dangerous To Date

Frank Castleunlike almost all other Marvel superheroes, has an admittedly short list of villains and enemies due to the fact that punisher he kills almost every villain he comes up against. Now, Punisher #3 has provided to Castle an enemy he can’t seem to kill or hurt, and that makes them true rivals.

The Punisher takes on an incredible Wonder Woman villain

The new story of punisher brings massive changes to the character, including his allegiance to the Hand. In exchange for your service, Frank Castle now he has a legion of highly trained ninjas who will obey his every command. In this context, new enemies appear who call themselves the Apostles and are led by the very same Ares, God of War. Ares he is not only a villain in the marvel universebut also in the DC Universeoften fighting against the iconic wonder-womanand the goals of both villains in both universes are similar: to spread chaos and war throughout the Earth.

The relationship between Ares Y Frank Castle seems to be very symbiotic since punisher he uses violence and murder to end injustice, but Ares thrives on such violence. It will be very interesting to see how the conflict between the two characters develops since Castle he is a mere mortal and Ares has the same strength as a God.

The Punisher takes on an incredible Wonder Woman villain

Thus, wonder-woman He has the strength and knowledge to take down Ares, but the Punisher doesn’t. That is why he turns to God of War into a formidable foe. Ares he’s also a God and can’t physically die, which means Frank can’t finish him off as easily as other enemies he’s faced.

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