Marvel Shows Captain Marvel’s Most Powerful Form


Carol Danvers’ Binary form can be powered through Blue Marvel energy.

One of the most iconic superheroines in Marvel comics has been Carol Susan Jane Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel.. His first appearance was as an officer of the United States Air Force in Marvel Super-Heroes #13 in March 1968. Created by Roy Thomas and Gene Cola, this colleague of Mar-Vell (a Kree soldier), is considered one of the strongest avengers in the Marvel universe. Her story points to her DNA being fused with Mar-Vell’s after an explosion. This fact would give a 180 ° turn to her life, after becoming the incarnation of Ms. Marvel in Ms. Marvel # 1 (published in January 1977) thanks to the superhuman powers that she gave her.


How did Captain Marvel get one of the best boosts for her Binary form?

As Mrs Marvel, the heroine possessed incredible strength, stamina, durability, flight powers, a sixth sense, and was otherwise immune to most poisons, as well as having the ability to discharge explosive blasts of radiant energy from her hands. This character has a binary form that she could take energy from a “white hole”, in this way she could control stellar energy, heat, gravity and the electromagnetic spectrum. Likewise, she also traveled at the speed of light, she could survive in the vacuum of space and absorb energy (such as electricity) to amplify her strength and energy projection. In this way, by seizing a sufficient amount of energy through an infusion, her Binary form could be strengthened for a longer time.

And, speaking of this Binary form that has cataloged her as one of the Avengers with more power and influence in the Marvel universe, the most outstanding of them, received it through a supercharge from Blue Marvel. Of course, having received such an infusion of energy, Carol Danvers became the Hulk’s worst nightmare. We can see this in Marvel Comics Ultimates #1, when Blue Marvel used her wide array of energy powers to help Captain Marvel unleash her Binary form and accomplish her goal: destroy Galactus’ Punisher robots. . Curiously, this energy discharge that gave Danvers the perfect boost made, in a way, the Hulk seem much weaker than she had previously seen him, especially against the Jade Giant.

For its part, it should be mentioned who Blue Marvel really is. He first appeared in the Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel miniseries. Dr. Adam Brashear took on the identity of Blue Marvel after acquiring antimatter powers. after being exposed to an explosion caused by an experimental reactor. He is considered one of the strongest superheroes in Marvel, due to the fact that the generation and manipulation of negative energy places him in a privileged position compared to other battle companions. This hero has dealt quite well with Ultimate Hulk, although one of his main merits was having knocked out Sentry, presumably the most powerful of all Marvel heroes. Hence, as part of the Ultimates, he had the ability to transfer his energy to Captain Marvel to power up his Binary form and achieve the effect of a puny Hulk.

The ultimate display of Captain Marvel’s powers

In Ultimates #1 (written by Al Ewing, Kenneth Rocafort, Dan Brown, and Edgar Delgado) of Marvel Comics, both Blue Marvel and Captain Marvel belong to the Ultimates superteam, tasked with destroying the threats they pose. in danger to the cosmos. In that issue, the Ultimates are ambushed by Galactus’ Punisher robots, while their powerful machines try to enter their spaceship. Due to the significant power displayed by the enemies, the Ultimates are aware that joining forces will bring them down. In this way, Captain Marvel asks Blue Marvel to transfer her energy to him so he can absorb them. Once Captain becomes Binary, she destroys Galactus’s attackers.


Thanks to this event, we can realize that the energy that Blue Marvel has directed at Carol Danvers in the Ultimates has been one of the strongest versions of Captain Marvel. On the other hand, he also contrasts what the Hulk has failed to do: admit the amount of energy Blue Marvel has.

It is undeniable what this heroine can do with her partner’s energy powers, showing one of her most powerful ways to stop the forces of Galactus without any problem. The fact that Captain Marvel can power her abilities in her Binary form through Blue Marvel is one of the most interesting happenings in her universe. She possibly in the future she can continue to surprise us.

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