Boruto Revealed This Dark Secret About Kawaki’s Family


Before continuing, we want to remind you that this article contains spoilers for Boruto Chapter 70: Naruto Next Generation. If you want to read it on your own, it’s available at MangaPlus by Shueisha. Returning to the subject, the origin of Kawaki has been a source of mystery, since a part of the fandom points out that this may have its answer in Amado’s interest in him, since it is enormous, even when compared to Eida when he realized the monster he created.

One of the main fan theories suggests that Amado’s motivations are somehow related to his daughter, who died 12 years before the start of Boruto. Many supporters of this theory have suggested that Eida, the superpowered cyborg he created for Kara, is actually a reincarnated version of his daughter.. Eida being Amado’s daughter in Boruto is a plausible theory on several levels. Besides the fact that she seems to have a special affection, there is also the fact that Amado is unaffected by her “powers of attraction”, which can only be blocked by blood relatives or Otsutsuki’s.


Kawaki and Boruto are two of the pillars of Boruto: Naruto Nerxt Generation due to their narrative weight.

However, Eida’s power in Boruto actually makes the Sharingan appear weak. For this reason, there is an even more plausible theory than this one, but one that would completely change the reality of this world. Eida is not the reincarnation of Amado’s daughter, but Kawaki. Like Eida, Amado seems to have a special affection for Kawaki, but based on the story points surrounding his relationship, his affection seemed to be related to his desire to eliminate Kara’s leader, Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Later, after defecting to Konoha, her affections for Kawaki seemed to be related to using him as a tool or weapon for whatever his ultimate goal was, be it destroying the ninja village or worse. While he was surprised to see Eida’s return, he didn’t seem too concerned that those who came to his rescue might harm her. In fact, he had previously thought that she was dead. But as revealed in Boruto #70, Amado’s concern for Kawaki is much deeper than it seemed at first, and more sincere than his reaction to seeing Eida. During the entirety of the series, Amado has rarely shown emotion.

However, when he learns that Kawaki was on his way, he is visibly upset. In fact, seems to fear for the life of the ninja. This is the first time readers see Amado genuinely concerned about another person’s well-being. It is this last point that gives credence to this theory. The obvious reason for his concern is that Kawaki is someone special to him. It is not important in the sense that Amado needs it for this plan.

The possible connection between Amado and Kawaki in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

Amado infamously reversed Jiraiya’s death from Naruto to create Koji Kashin. he needed Koji Kashin to defeat Isshiki but carelessly abandoned him at the most crucial moment. Amado seems to have a bond with Eida, but how special could that be if he believed she was going to be killed and did nothing to prevent it. The only other person Amado showed similar concern for was when he spoke briefly about his daughter.. So why else would Amado show so much concern for Boruto’s Kawaki, if he isn’t linked in some way to his daughter?

boruto naruto eida

Eida is a cyborg for whom Amado holds great affection and respect.

Despite its importance to nearly every major Boruto story arc, Beloved and his connections remain the biggest mystery of the series. However, her biggest secret, namely her daughter’s death and her importance to her motive, is becoming increasingly clear. She is somehow linked to one of her “creations” of Kara.

He also has supernatural abilities in science and technology, especially ninja technology. As a result of Amado, Boruto’s ninja technology is so advanced that even Iron Man would be jealous. Even more interesting than his intelligence is what motivates his actions that seem deeply personal but it’s unclear if they’re for the better, the worse, or something else entirely. doThis means that Kawaki could be the fruit of these actions? We’ll really have to wait a little longer to find out.

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