The X-Men have their own Dr. Manhattan from DC


Marvel shows his version of Dr. Manhattan, a character from Watchmen.

The X Men have resurfaced like never before within the editorial marvel comics with a very different approach and stories never seen before. The characters that have managed to obtain apparently unlimited powers and abilities are different and it is that one may have become something very similar to the dr manhattan, one of the most iconic characters Watchmen. With nearly infinite power at his disposal, Legion may have become Marvel’s version of the Doctor Manhattan.

Marvel shows its version of Dr. Manhattan, a character from Watchmen

The X-Men have their own Dr. Manhattan from DC

In Legion of X #1it is revealed that the Mutant Legion has been isolated in Olympus Mons for six months until he suddenly appears in the center of the chamber of the Quiet Council. The reason for its appearance is due to inform warlock about his father’s death Magus. During his absence, Legion he has kept himself busy running the ‘Altar’, a pocket dimension that adjusts to the needs of the mutants who visit it.

The reality is that it is a clear reinterpretation of the character of DC in every sense. Legion is a godlike mutant with nearly limitless power, now able to shape reality itself within the Altar, and based on Marsthe hiding place Doctor Manhattan during the events of Watchmen.

When Abigail Brand reports the whereabouts of Legionthe page shows Legion floating cross-legged and bare-chested, superimposed on a red background and glowing a deep blue. This image is uncannily similar to the one in the Doctor Manhattan sitting isolated in the desert landscape of Mars.

The X-Men have their own Dr. Manhattan from DC

Furthermore, the lack of tact with which Legion informs warlock of his father’s death he recalls how Doctor Manhattan’s own terrifying powers leave him struggling to relate to humanity. The ease with which Legion talk to your lover blindfold in the mental realm further emphasizes how disconnected they are Legion and the Doctor Manhattan of those without the perspective that their almost limitless power gives them.

By its very nature, Legion he has always been a character open to multiple different interpretations. Now, he seems to be taking on one of the most powerful roles in comics.

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