targeted attacks, sonic projectiles and super finishers against mountain-sized enemies

Sonic is known more for his incredible speed than for his brute force, but that doesn’t mean he can dish out some spectacular tollinas: Sonic Frontiers, his next great adventure, will give him the opportunity to dispatch some of the most unique and mysterious enemies to the world. that it has faced in its history. Some of them look like kitchen utensils and others are as tall as an entire mountain. But how do you say to great ills, great remedies.

Through a new gameplay offered exclusively, the YouTube channel of our fellow IGN has broken down Sonic’s new repertoire of attacks and combat moves in his first open world game. Some of his punches have been seen in numerous games, others seem straight out of Super Smash Bros; but others have been created for the occasion and they do not go unnoticed.

30 years of Sonic, 30 curiosities and stories of the maximum standard-bearer of SEGA in its golden age

The essential: Sonic retains his trademark super-speed. and you will also lose the collected rings when taking hits. None of that has changed since the days of the Mega Drive. However, to his recognizable homming attack that makes him charge directly towards enemies in a spherical shape, a variant must be added: a type of attack that brings the enemy up to the height and suspends him in the air while delivering a succession of punches and kicks.

Not everything is running and hitting, for the record, Sonic has also added a lateral dodge to his repertoire of movements that inevitably reminds of the style popularized by FromSoftware, but what really attracts attention is three new skills created for the occasion:

Screenshot 8283

  • On the one hand, Sonic gains the ability to become a kind of meteorite that hits its target with enormous force.

Screenshot 8284

  • In addition to this, our bluish hedgehog is also capable of making a burst of projectiles that seem to be sonic waves generated by kicking the air.

Screenshot 8285

  • No less interesting is a new ability that allows him to strategically lift and suspend his enemies in the air by tracing a circle on the ground after taking a couple of detours.

In addition to these new abilities, Sonic has shown what appears to be a super finishing move in the form of a power kick capable of sentencing medium-sized enemies. And what happens when he faces real titans?

Sonic Frontiers: XXXL Enemies for a Large-Scale World

One of the hardest things about creating an open world is filling it with big challenges. In SEGA they have taken that premise literally and for the occasion they have filled the areas with enemies the size of buildings and entire mountains. What chance does a one meter tall, 35kg hedgehog have against these titans? Seeing the seen, enough.

sonic frontiers It seems to have been inspired by Shadow of the Colossus and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild when planning fights against giant creatures, although in the end it takes everything to its own terrain: during the fights we will be given the possibility of climbing through our own enemies until we position ourselves at the height of their weak points, allowing us to unload our repertoire of new and classic movements for the occasion.

Screenshot 8287

In fact, even when these creatures seem large, Sonic will be able to take advantage of his ability to suspend enemies and make these large enemies lift one of their legs, throwing them off balance and buying a few precious seconds in the process. Our red-sneaker hero won’t be very tall, but it has plenty of resources.

sonic frontiers It will go on sale at the end of the year on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC, being the highlight of Sonic’s 30th anniversary; despite the fact that this month he will celebrate his 31st birthday. Sonic Team’s plans are that this new open world adventure involves a new turning point for the video game saga and the characterand seen what they have seen, they are going to put all the meat on the grill to achieve it.

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