Surprise! SEGA announces the Mega Drive Mini 2 and with it bets again on miniature consoles

Just like who doesn’t want the SEGA thing just surprised us with the announcement that he will bet on miniature consoles again, which has led him to present the new Mega Drive Mini 2which will include a large number of video games that were originally published on Mega Drive and also on Mega CD.

The company has revealed the machine in a streaming that it is broadcasting in Japan in which it has dropped that there will be 50 video games that will be part of the console’s catalog. What’s more, we already know the name of five of them that will be present and coming from Mega CD: Mansion of Hidden Souls, Popful Mail, Shining Force CD, Silpheed Y sonic cd.

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Along with these details, it has also been specified that it will be the October 27th when it will go on sale in the Japanese market with a price of 9,980 yen, about 71 euros to change. The only thing that has not been commented on is whether it will head west, although it is to be expected that sooner or later we will also end up seeing it here.

The previous Mega Drive Mini was put on sale in Europe in October 2019 and at that time a total of 40 classic games and two others that were never published were incorporated. In fact, the Mega Drive Mini 2 seems to follow the same steps and will have a mysterious new job about which SEGA has not provided more details.

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