Final Fantasy XVI offers new details of its system and summons


The spectacular title will arrive in the summer of 2023.

This past night has been spectacular for Final Fantasy fans, since, after months of silence, we had a new trailer for Final Fantasy XVI that was accompanied by your launch windowgiving rise to this that we have to wait a year to enjoy the acclaimed Square Enix title.

However, despite the fact that the wait will not be short, the truth is that Final Fantasy XVI promotion seems to have startedgiving rise to this trailer has also been accompanied by an update of the title’s website that offers a large number of information about the game world and characters.

Discover more details and data about Final Fantasy XVI

The next Final Fantasy XVI trailer would be very close and the game almost over

Final Fantasy XVI will finally arrive in summer 2023

To begin with, it has been reconfirmed that Final Fantasy XVI is set in the fictional land of Valistheathis being a region that has the ether of the Mother Crystals (Mothercrystals in English) with which the characters have generations doing magic, which has caused that society has managed to advance. And under this same premise, the title would present different kingdomsbeing these:

  • The Grand Duchy of Rosaria.
  • The Holy Empire of Sanbreque.
  • The Kingdom of Woloed
  • The Dhalmekian Republic.
  • the iron kingdom.
  • The Crystal Domain.

All of these will have their own culture, political form and society, so that the title will offer great diversity both at the environmental level and at the plot level. Also, come into play here Eikonsbeing these creatures with which a blessed person can invoke their powers, causing them to hold royal ranks and be baptized as Dominants from birth.

Likewise, new information has been given about the protagonists and their origin: +

  • Clive Rossfield: Of Rosaria and being the heir to the throne. The story of him will be a journey of revenge against Ifrit.
  • Joshua Rosefield: He is the little brother of Clive and who finally acquired the Dominant of the Phoenix against all odds. He will be a fundamental part of the plot in this tragic story.
  • Jill Warrick: A girl who was raised together with Clive and Joshua, being considered as a member of the family.
  • Hugo Kuppa: Dominant of Titan, this being something that has pushed him into politics after being an infantryman.
  • Benedikta Harman: In this case it is Garuda’s Dominant. With great swordsmanship, he will cross paths with Clive on his way through this world.

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