Damian Wayne is ready to become the new Batman


Damian Wayne has always wavered between being a hero and a villain, and now he seems to have found the right path.

The last couple of years in comics have been pretty weird for the character. D.C. Damian Wayne. In fact, the very future of Damian Wayne has certainly been uncertain in recent years. At first when Damian was introduced to readers it was discovered that he had actually been raised by Thalia and the League of murderers. In fact, it was a murderer, he cut off the head of a criminal and took it to the Batcave as a gift, believing that it would prove that he was worthy of his father’s legacy.

Damian Wayne has always hesitated between being a hero and a villain and now he seems to have found the right path.

Damian Wayne is ready to become the new Batman

In the most recent stories it was made clear that the character has distanced himself from Batman and has done some things that could be considered immoral with the grouping of the teen titans. This raised the question of whether or not he would still be a hero. The latest stories pointed to Damian He was going to choose an equal parts dark and twisted path that would lead him away from his friends and his mentor, Batman, forever. That’s when she met his heroic father at the recent event he’s posting DC called Shadow War and it was seen that Damian he was back in control of the reins of his life and teamed up with Batman again.

During a fight against geo force, Robin took the lead. He wanted revenge for the death of his grandfather, Ra’s al Ghul, and it seemed that he would do anything to get it even killing if it was necessary. However, when he confronted geo force about their methods Robin revealed that he had taken a major turn in his character development by stating that heroes don’t kill. After all this succession of events and realizing what it means to be a hero, it can be said that Damian he is ready for what he has been working towards since he met his father: he is ready to be Batman.

Damian Wayne is ready to become the new Batman

Things were not yet as they were, but Damian showed how far he has come on his own in Shadow War: Omega #1. The event is being held by a stellar team formed by Joshua Williamson, Steven Segovia, Mike Hendersonamong many others.

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