A Minecraft player creates the most spectacular maze you’ve ever seen in the game


Hopefully completing it won’t take as long as building it.

Making a maze is one of the great minecraft classics, a natural puzzle where you have to give everything on your part to remember the paths and manage to find the exit. Normally a small labyrinth next to home to play with friends who come to visit your world innocently and hang out, although one player has set out to create the largest and most spectacular maze possible in Minecraft. And she seems to have succeeded.

It is not just any labyrinth, this user of Reddit has created a 601 x 601 maze, an authentic wildness of labyrinth that seen from the sky occupies gigantic dimensions. At least it also has some other house in between in case it gets dark or you run out of supplies. Imagine spending the night in that maze.

A Minecraft player creates the most spectacular maze you've ever seen in the game

This gigantic labyrinth also has trees and chests

He does not specify how many hours it has taken him to create this monstrous labyrinth, but if these types of pharaonic construction projects are already exhausting, imagine having to do a labyrinth that really has different paths and only one is correct to find the exit. The general aesthetics of the world, thanks to shadders, have a very gloomy aspect, not even Harry Potter would dare to go into that labyrinth to look for the Triwizard Cup.

Upcoming news from Minecraft

Without a doubt, this maze is one of the most incredible constructions that we have seen in Minecraft to date. It almost looks like it was taken on purpose. the Wild Update, version 1.19 of Minecraft that adds elements of horror and nature looking less scary than this maze. After a long wait, the Mincraft Wild Update finally has a release date. Although along the way there have been novelties such as fireflies.

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