Sunbreak gives new impetus and greater spectacle to Capcom’s flagship on Switch and PC

With only two hunts and several specific adjustments -but very well chosen- in the smithy it was already clear: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is the great evolutionary leap of the cult saga, and its new monsters and the return of other emblematic become the new obsession of every fan of the saga. But the best thing is not what is provided in terms of content, but how the player is encouraged to be the ultimate hunter.

Yes, technically I could. Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset be cataloged as that promised Monster Expanse, since there is a new base and new hunting areas; but the way that Monster Hunter Rise games are brought more nuance and spectacle goes beyond just adding content. sun break it’s a new layer of emotions that overlaps and fits like a glove in one of the most intense ARPGs ever made. It’s a pass.

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For starters, because of the way Capcom has managed to make the acrobatic fighter style of Monter Hunter Rise be even richer, more versatile and more effective. Something achieved based on distributing news in a way calculated by the stage and, on the other hand, adding more options and depth to the gameplay. But especially because of how combining those two aspects well makes facing even more lethal creatures something incredibly epic.

And it is that Capcom knows the Monster Hunter player profile very well. The one who came to the saga with Monster Hunter World and the one who has been knocking down Wyverns since the days of PSP and 3DS. He knows how to quench his constant thirst for challenges and that each game, each hunt, is a relentless fight that instead of running out of steam due to accumulated fatigue, ends up intensifying more and more. From there, Sunbreak tackles the challenge of meeting player demands and the veteran fan from three perspectives:

  • Shaping and Retrieving Emblematic Beasts as intimidating as they are interesting, capable of leaving us petrified at any moment or taking us ahead at the first mistake. Enemies, after all, with whom it is worth measuring up.
  • Allowing us to forge even more impressive armor pieces and weapons than in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • And, finally, and as we already mentioned, expanding our resources and hunter skills not only when attacking, but when interacting with the stage, the beasts and the rest of our team.

A) Yes, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset Not only does he manage to meet those three goals with note, but he has set out to set a new bar for the entire Capcom saga. And the best thing is that it won’t be long before we reach even more well-founded conclusions. Throughout these days Capcom has offered us an exclusive look at Hunter Rise: Sunbreak an appetizer, everything is said, that It has left a very good taste in our mouths.

A new threat to combat, a new bastion to conquer

Screenshot 8213

The hunt begins and being prepared is not a matter of priorities, but of survival: after reviewing the skill change system, which is not optional for the announced threat, the new great hunting area is shown before us: the Bastion. A colossal area dominated by a huge ruined fortress inhabited in turn by all kinds of beasts. The objective of the game: nothing less than a Lunagaron.

Looking like a massive armored wolf, the Lunagaron is reminiscent in both size and initial gait of the Tobi-Kadachi or Odogaron featured in our previous forays into the new world. Once alerted to our presence and unleashing its glacial power, the beast begins to show its differences, being faster and more agile, terrifyingly resistant and displaying glacial abilities capable of leaving us in our place and at its absolute mercy.

The Lunagaron, as well as the Bastion itself, serve to perfectly set the new setting for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset. Yes ok, monster hunter rise is inspired by sweeping home in feudal Japan, now Capcom looks to the West and deep Europe, taking elements from folklore and fables such as vampires and werewolves to give context and nuance to the hunts and a new and distinctive air to the new armor. Armor that, by the way, we will forge with the broken pieces of our prey, if we survive the assault.

The aim is fast and the battle goes on long enough to show off the various biomes of the stage, finally leading the hunters to an advantageous zone for him and conveniently watered by thick snow. From there, and after an arduous battle, he manifests his new aspect after forming what appears to be an icy armor around his own body. It’s time to rethink the strategy and adapt again to the circumstances.

Introduction Slide 01 1

One of the most interesting aspects of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset is that not only the new monsters retain the leading role, but those already known and present in monster hunter risethe ones that we have knocked down on countless occasions, have also been “updated”, so that the fortuitous intervention of new creatures does not make us trust, quite the opposite: now they have new behaviors and it seems that some surprise ready to show our smallest forgetfulness

Luckily, Capcom has conveniently distributed Bastion, as well as the known scenarios, new types of mutated chordoptera that make a difference: the Ruby Cordoptera, the Golden Cordoptera and the Treadmill Spiders expand our mobility and add new effects to our actions; and the fact of having more powerful ropes capable of dragging the monsters or being able to wall run without spending boosts it gives new nuances to the hunt itself.

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Many more weapons and armor to forge and double the techniques with which to use them

Mhr Sunbreak Seregios 02 1024x576 2

We change the scene and return to one already seen in monster hunter rise: the sandy plains. In them we can find the new mutated insects, new creatures and, more specifically, the prey we are looking for: the Seregios. Fans of the saga know him well as he is a huge Wyvern that debuted in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. However, he has never looked so good and has been as menacing as he was in Sunbreak.

Its main feature is its bladescales, which not only has an armor effect but also causes a new effect in the game known as bleeding, which for practical purposes gradually reduces the hunter’s health. Definitely a tough nut to crack; but on the other hand an enemy whose broken pieces will result in spectacular armor.

Monster07 Img02

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset No new types of weapons have been introduced, but the truth is that 14 are already more than enough. Another thing is that we can create more variety of these thanks to the new materials obtained. Instead, the novelty proposed by Capcom rests on a new type of technician: interchangeable skills.

In essence, we will have two customizable skill sets that we will configure before each game in the form of blue and red scrolls. A gesture and we will have at our disposal the second set of skills, so that we can go from a completely offensive mode to a tactical one. Also allowing us to carry out assaults, position ourselves at convenience or be incisive depending on the situation or our team needs it.

Mhr Sunset Switch Skill Swap 1024x576

To make sure that during the change, that a gesture takes place, we are not completely exposed, an additional movement called evasion with exchange which can be used after a tradeable skill change. Positioning ourselves next to the dam or taking us out of the conflict zone so that we deploy our plan, if we have a plan.

As we commented, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset not only does it add content but it also adds very interesting resources that will not only serve to give more excitement to the games, but that we will have to master in order to face the new degree of difficulty of this new stage of the game. The one generated by the most powerful monsters that have appeared and the one that the most seasoned will find when they can finally access the Master Rank.

Introduction Slide S 04 1

However, it also knows how to reward players with more pieces, more resources and a new place to shape them to create better weapons and armor: Elgado, the kingdom outpost and Sunbreak’s new base.

Our look at what’s new in the game doesn’t go much further, ending with an introduction to the blacksmith Minayle, a young woman who has come to Kamura and knows the weapons there very well, fusing the traditional and acrobatic style of monster hunter rise with what we will need to survive and come back in one piece Sunbreak.

The hunt continues on June 30

Follower Ss 01 03

Our introduction to Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset has been just what we expected from an expansion that is the new flagship of Capcom on Switch and PC: the way in which new epicness is introduced into the set works in its favor, and the amount of new resources makes even the largest level of challenge of the missions and the new beasts pose a claim, while remaining intimidating in itself.

A set of successes that are being assembled very well in the face of its promised launch.

We are left without seeing many aspects of the game, at least for now, and we are fully aware that Capcom has reserved surprises for the occasion. However, the departure date of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset We have it more present than ever.

Follower Ss 02 01

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will be released on June 30 on both Nintendo Switch and PC as an add-on content pack for gamers of monster hunter rise. In addition, Capcom will release a version that includes monster hunter rise plus the expansion sun break in the same batch for the laggards, although to access the contents and the plot of the expansion it will be necessary to have completed the main plot of the game, which makes sense.

For its part, Nintendo will once again cover what has been one of its key games of 2021 for Switch and re-emerges with renewed strength through this new stage with a physical edition that includes all the game content and expansion of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset; as well as a new set of amiibos for collectors and fans of the saga.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunset

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam)
  • Multiplayer: Yes (in local co-op and up to 4 players online)
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Company: Capcom
  • Release: June 30, 2022

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