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If you’re into classic games, the Evercade is on your shelf or on your wish list, and if you were tempted to get one for its unbeatable retro proposal, its new model is quite a whim: Blaze Entertainment has just presented the new Evercade EXPan improved redesign that is not only simpler and more minimalist, but also allows you to enjoy games from literally new perspectives.

The Evercade EXP It is a portable console that, like its predecessor, is entirely aimed at those who are passionate about classic games of Atari, Data East, Taito, Namco, Interplay, Irem and in general the references of the video game that stood out from the stages of 8 to 32 bits through the arcades.

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From here, the first question to answer: How many games will it offer? From the start, the catalog of both consoles is shared, with which the Evercade EXP inherit over 30 classic and fully licensed game collections. That is, more than 300 titles, although in the box we will only find six.

In fact, and like the consoles of that time, Evercade games come on cartridges, but unlike the current physical versions, their presentation and content are wonderful, including manuals and everything that made a game release magical ago. 20, 30 or 40 years. Why launch a new model? Basically because the Evercade goes out of production.

The Evercade EXP replaces the original model released in 2020, this being officially discontinued and withdrawn from production. If you were tempted by their curves and motifs, it’s time to hurry as they will last as long as the stock available in stores lasts. However, it may be worth waiting for the arrival of the new model, scheduled for the end of this year: not only does it add its successes, but it also adds hardware improvements that should not be overlooked.

Evercade EXP: availability, models, price and specifications


The essential: the Evercade EXP will go on sale at winter 2022 and its official selling price is set at €149.99, $149.99 or £129.99. Reservations will open throughout the month of June depending on the seller and, according to the official website, from September of the same year a bonus content to be determined will be announced.

Which is not to say that we don’t know in advance what will be in the Evercade EXP box:

  • The Evercade EXP console itself
  • The IREM Arcade 1 Collection cartridge
  • A USB-C cable
  • A quick start guide.

In addition to the normal white model, it has been announced a Limited Edition Evercade EXP which stands out for its black color as well as other additional content such as cards with a certificate of authenticity, a cover, a double-sided A3-size poster and a cartridge-shaped keychain. About this edition it is known that it can be purchased at FunStock for €211.30.

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From here it is time to talk about the specifications of the console, which have been detailed by Blaze Entertainment itself:

Evercade EXP (Model 2022)

Evercade (2020 Model)



integrated memory









Screenshot 8120

Screenshot 8121





4.3” IPS (800×480)

4.3” LCD (480×272)

custom cartridges

custom cartridges



  • USB-C charging port (cable included)
  • Mini HDMI 720p output for TV (cable not included)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • WiFi for updates
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Mini HDMI 720p output for TV (cable not included)
  • 3.5mm headphone jack



4-5 hours of play (depending on manufacturer)

4-5 hours of play (depending on manufacturer)


€89.95 (Premium Pack)

end of 2022

Since 2020

As a fact to take into account, and as in the additional model, in addition to being portable, we can connect the Evercade EXP to a screen, television or monitor via HDMI, becoming a traditional control. An element that works in your favor.

The price difference compared to the Premium Pack that is currently available in stores is an element to weigh when it comes to getting the new model, especially considering that both will move the same catalog of games. However, it is noted that the hardware is not exactly the same. And neither does his appearance.

Screenshot 8111

From here an additional note, in the absence of being able to compare both consoles, we know that the Evercade EXP will have dimensions 192.7 mm (7.76 “) x 78.5 mm (3.1 “) x 20.7 mm (0.8″) and, as we have already mentioned, it will have a cartridge input that makes it compatible with the entire catalog of the original Evercade and, by extension, the Evercade VS. Given the similarities, it is time to expose what makes it different.

Evercade EXP is not intended to evolve, but to improve the original model

Screenshot 8115

As we discussed, the plan is that Evercade EXP replace 2020 model and coexist with Evercade Vs. the desktop version with dual cartridge reader. What incentives can we expect if we already have an Evercade? Let’s go step by step

New IPS screen with higher resolution

Screenshot 8109

The Evercade EXP offers a 4.3” IPS screen with a resolution of 800×480 compared to that of the 2020 Evercade whose 4.3 “LCD screen offered a resolution of 480×272. In essence, an IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen benefits color, brightness and makes it possible to see the image from any position in which we are playing.

Updates via Wi-Fi

Screenshot 8110

Updates to the original Evercade model required downloading the firmware and connecting the console to a computer for the process. Not that it was an excessively complicated procedure, but it could and should be simplified. The Evercade EXP model reduces all steps to simply connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Triggers or flat buttons? that they are not missing

Screenshot 8114

A subtle but interesting detail is that Evercade EXP adds four new button types. Two of them appear behind the existing upper ones in the original model, displacing them properly to offer what appear to be triggers or flat buttons in the Nintendo Switch style. Something interesting that can open up possibilities for fans of fighting and shooters.

A new approach to gameplay: TATE mode

Screenshot 8112

There are games designed to be enjoyed vertically, like the lifelong shooters. The Evercade EXP takes note and with a simple gesture it transforms into a vertical consoleperfectly functional and with two dedicated buttons.

The premise itself doesn’t really have too much mystery: just turn the console 90 degrees. As simple as it sounds. But it is the set of improvements that makes it possible: the two extra buttons, the IPS screen and the redesign of its shapes.

Let’s talk about the games and plans for the future (and past)

Screenshot 8117

As we mentioned, all Evercade EXP consoles include in their box a copy of IREM Arcade 1 Collection, which contains a selection of six classic titles inside a cartridge, with its respective instruction manual and its own box. The premise of the Evercade consoles is not only to offer a system with fully licensed classic games, but also to recover what made the physical format so special.

The 2020 Evercade cartridges are fully compatible with the Evercade EXP, so at launch it has more than 30 game collections that added together exceed 300 titles that range from the Atari and its glory days to the arcade hits, passing through collections dedicated to the most played and not sufficiently remembered of the 8 and 16 bit systems.

Screenshot 8116

Among the characteristics of the format, it should be noted that:

  • Each collection comes in a cartridge created to be compatible with all three Evercade systems, including Evercade Vs.
  • Include six save slots for each game per cartridge
  • Each cartridge comes in a collectible case, organized, numbered and with its respective manual.
  • Finally, the price of each cartridge starts at 17.99 euros, although that already depends on the seller to consult. Luckily, they can be purchased from Amazon, Game and practically any specialized seller in Spain.

Screenshot 8119

Blaze Entertainment redoubles its commitment to retro and it gives collectors reason to weigh the unfilled spaces on the shelves with game collections. What’s more, the Evercade EXP appears, curiously, at a time when obtaining a new generation console is not easy and its content does not have much to do with that of the Nintendo Switch or that of the Steam Deck: despite the fact that these two systems already offer many of their games, if not most, they are only digital and through collections that have not always received the treatment that sagas that we now consider cult deserved.

In any case, the collection of games is expected to continue to grow and the new vertical layout and the triggers -or flat buttons- play in its favor when it comes to successfully bringing new arcade classics and 16-bit system gems. Who knows? Perhaps this new model will open the door to new companies.

Full Img02

caprice or necessity? The reality is that this already depends on each one, and in case we already have an Evercade, it is convenient to review the accumulated game collection and the amount of game time spent. Although if you’re one of those who absurdly exceeds the number of game boxes the number of hours you’ve had the original Evercade turned on, the new Evercade EXE is probably already in the shopping basket.

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