This Elden Ring player has nothing to envy Saitama from One Punch-Man by eliminating the final bosses with a single blow

Throughout all these months we have witnessed all kinds of anecdotes in the world of Elden Ring, especially in the ways of beating the game with speedruns. However, the bushy streamer a completely different challenge has been posed, such as that of kill any enemy and final boss in one hit.

To do this, he has created a setup that allows him to hit anyone who crosses his path so hard that he is able to eliminate them with a single impact. Of course, since he doesn’t always get his way, the rules are as simple as having to restart the battle if the enemy is able to withstand the blow.

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Since some final bosses have more than one stage, you are forced to finish each one in one hit. Also, to match the occasion, the character he has designed has an aspect that reminds us of Saitamathe protagonist of One Punch-Man, something that is not for less because this peculiar superhero was also capable of crushing his opponents with a single punch.

The video lasts about 50 minutes, but of course it is not wasted in case you want to see how he sinks all those final bosses into the ground with his hammer that may have put you in trouble on more than one occasion.

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